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Typical Doberman takedown

Discussion in 'Schutzhund and Ring Sports' started by Nutz, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Just got this, and think it's worth the mention as it is a typical Doberman takedown

    never mind straight in and bite..... Nope... not how Dobies do it....

    See how the Dobi takes the bite then uses it's bodyweight to rip out... That's how a Dobie does it, then comes round for the second take from the back.....

    Think I can safely say... Don't get close & personal with a riled-up Dobie, You gonna feel a whole heap of issues.....

    Seen this attack plan quite a number of times with Dobies but not any other breed...

    ITS AWSOME TO SEE IT.... Gives me goosebumps

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  2. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Blunt force trauma. Haha.

    I am sure he would alter his attack style if his muzzle was off. Pretty smart and courageous of him.
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  3. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hi Ddski5

    Absolutely nothing here is by chance... The dog pre- planned and executed a brilliant engagement....

    It follows the same generic tactical attack plan I've seen more than once with Dobies, but not with other breeds...

    Utilising the momentum to bring the target down, usually by latching on, (here the muzzle prevents initial trauma) once the target is down there is a choice of target zones that are almost undefendable (face / throat / upper arm / thigh....

    select the target zone and drive the attack home. from the back, where the target is at a huge disadvantage....

    if you consider how fast all of this is happening... That the attack / contact plan is being planned during the run up, that the target zone is being identified and assessed for maximum vulnerability and least amount of danger to itself, between after the take down and before final assult, shows just how awesome, how astute, and how utterly awesomly magnificent it is.....

    Like I say, gives me goose-bumps

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  4. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I love this video. My first boy Rocky would use his powerful speed and hit the helper full speed but he always went for the groin and where the femor joins the pelvis.
    He was 98lbs of solid muscle and attitude. It always gave me chill bumps watching him. Now I see the same with Bogie. His speed and power watching him makes me hold my breath. It’s beautiful to watch and to watch his power and gracefulness when he jumps an obstacle.
    I’ve always told my hubs I would not want either of my dogs coming after me if I were an intruder. Just their speed alone will stun you, if not make you wet yourself if they were coming for you.
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  5. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    That's the stuff! Nice! Though, I don't think there's nearly that much thinking going on in Oji's head.

    Yes, certainly though, Dobermans tend to use their body like a bumper car.

    Did I see that the Dobe had a front leg around the guy's body as he hit? Oji would so do that. He uses his front legs very extensively.
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  6. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Its pretty cool to watch a dog work with a muzzle. They find and learn other ways to address a threat, especially with their body. Although, Im pretty sure in most cases the helper falls on purpose to boost the confidence of the dog. Not that the momentum of a dog hitting you doesn't help or that a dog never takes the helper down on their own from time to time.
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  7. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I wonder if the helper knew to put that arm/shoulder up like that to avoid his face getting banged up.
  8. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Morning Oh......

    On top of the fact that Dobies are considered to be "highly intelligent", as a rule I don't think we give our dogs (all breeds) half the amount of credit they are due for what's going on in their heads... With their senses (hearing etc) that are so sensitive, I think they are actually processing waaaaay more input at any one time than we are...

    And because of that, their "what if" data processing is probibly very different to us, so we think dogs are somehow not as
    Intelligent as us.... I think they are just processing different data....

    Sorta look at them and say "No way you can make a post on a computer".......

    They look at us and say "Maaan that lass up the street and round the corner's soooooo ready for a fella, :evilgrin: :whistle::censored: and all you want to do is post on a computer"? :rofl::rofl:

    So whose the clever one now:anonymous :

    At training, (seen this so blooming often)

    Dog "So what the hell DO you want, you moron! Your legs are telling me to stay, But your flippin voice says come with"

    or (Again) Dog

    "You twat ! your ruddy legs told me to carry on foreward, but you turned around.... So what now"?

    (Out of sight stay) handler yac-k-k-k-k-----ing away to another handler......
    Dog "But I heard you, and you used my name so I came, and now you screech at me like a bloomin parakeet"! :wtf: SHEESH this dude's got a vaccumm for a brain"!

    Handler "This blooming dog's as thick as pig-sh*t"


    Just my qwerky take on matters dog's & humans :lmao:
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  9. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I love your take on things.

    I totally agree on the inconsistent signals SO many people send their dogs. It's like fingernails on the chalkboard to me. I try my best to make sure I am as clear and consistent in dog training as possible. Probably the worst and most common is when people tell their dog to sit or lay down (often because the dog is annoying them) and the dog complies, then the owner (no longer annoyed) forgets about the dog and the dog is left to decide on their own when to break the command.
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  10. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    I often wonder if my take on houmour's not actually not funny / annoying / upseting / being misread by other's... Thanks
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  11. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    No, I get it. Lucid enough for me, anyway.
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  12. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    I agree with this. Dobermans are ranked 5th in intelligence and I know there are tests to establish this, but it would seem that most dogs have the potential to learn, like people. It all depends on how much we engage their brains. Ever since hearing about Scruffy and all the things she does, I have been leaning towards this conclusion. With Dobermans being purebred, the potential for intelligence gets passed on so the raw materials are present. That's why we say a bored Dobe will get into trouble.

    Also agree on the sensing. I find it happens repeatedly that Kaiser knows what I'm going to do before I do it so he is more aware of my intentions than even I am!
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  13. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    We used to do this a lot :bag: When I think of how much better we have gotten, it makes me cringe to think of how much confusion we must have caused Kaiser. Even worse to think of all the dogs where the owners are barely getting past puppy obedience!
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  14. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Thanks one and all..... So far as I'm aware there are 4 ways that dogs "read" us, three have been mentioned above, (Just a small digression, dogs don't hear words they hear sounds) So the first is they listen and react to sounds

    They understand our signals (legs / arms / hands)

    They sense - anticipate what's going to happen next by what's happening now, (EG open the car door... and it's low flying at rocket speeds straing into the back.... opening car door = Yaaaaay car trip next....

    And last but not least they are long-past-masters at reading our body language - facial expressions.....

    I'm so ruddy obvious it's actually funny to watch.... At a training seminar many moons ago, a training to training video was taken of me........... When things don't happen... E.G. Distance control Sit... I lean over forwards...... The longer the dog does not react the further I lean forward...

    So guess what ? ......................Come training Doberman time..... They turn it into a flippin game....The blooming dog says to itself......... "lets see if I can get him to fall over on his face"! :yatta:

    Now, lets put that in human terms.... That's 4 different "languages" that they learn..... And get rather good at...

    I'm moderately competent in English and pretty good in Africkaans..... That's 2, so now, ask yourself, who's the clever One.....Then....:facepalm:

    Goes to my other post, learning a new language....

    But back to this thread..... Consensus is, we don't give our dogs, not even half the credit they deserve for what's going on in their processor..... and back to the take down, after what.... 50 years of having dogs, Im convinced there are mighty few dogs that just "do things" without a plan or if you will a jolly good reason.....

    Ok so I'm going to sneak something else in here.... I'm off to The pet post do a post about Scruffy.... She gonna do a thing for our Company's website....
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  15. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Funny enough, I came across this today, so here are a few examples of Rottweilers takedowns....

    The one that did come in again, is actually a mistake, it did not lock-on properly.... Give credit where credit is due, no hesitation there at all...

    Nothing wrong... It get's the job done and then some...

    But, its the "smash & grab" technique...... Hit damn hard, latch on and do as much damage with the initial bite. <Tschykovsky's 1812 Symphony, the fourth movement --- cannons and whatnot exploding all over the show---- If you please>

    But, not knocking Rotties, (they are fantastic dogs) it's pretty much the same generic technique with all the other utility & working dogs....

    Has none of the sheer calculated clinical perfection of the Dobie.... <To draw an analogy to the 1812 of Tschykovsky............Beethovens 9th Symphony the fourth movement... Ode to joy. DEFINATELY comes to my mind>

    Oh I do so love the Dobie.... <brag brag brag>:dobe::dobe::whistle::whistle:

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
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  16. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    Omg. Rotts seem to waaay more...protection oriented...than I expected.
  17. Nutz

    Nutz Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hi K
    Over years, I've come to the conclusion that pretty much, individual dogs of any breed can be expected to be protection orientated, but more individual dogs, within the utility / working dog breeds will be protection orentated...
    Sort of, it's more the character of the individual dog, and it's upbringing than it's breeding... Just as you get hard-ass individuals (within a breed) so to you get complete softies.

    Like they say... Never judge a book by it's cover.... Here in SA, tempratures are on the higher side, so Rotties tend to be more lethargic.... But bugger me silly, when dem dogs get a fire lit unner their tails, its a gut-wrenching fearfull thing having one set his sights on you...

    But, like I say, its a smash-n-grab. Errrrr Smash-n-mash? :wideyed: technique, pretty common throughout the working / utility breeds, unlike the surgical analysed and executed technique of Dobies.... Not to say Dobies don't do the smash-n-mash thing...

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