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Top 20 Worst Dry Dog Food Brands for 2017

Discussion in 'Doberman Health and News Articles' started by strykerdobe, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber

  2. WiglWerm

    WiglWerm Hot Topics Subscriber

    Very informative! and sad...
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  3. Regalis

    Regalis Notable member

    And do your research often. Foods change SO much over the years. I LOVED Merrick when it first came out. It was an awesome food with a lot of options. Now? I won't touch it. I was so annoyed when they sold out.
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  4. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I know people that feed these brands and they get offended when I mention that it is an unhealthy food.
    I usually leave saying they should research the food they feed.
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  5. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Same here. I was wondering why our dogs were starting to get dull flaky coats so I looked into it more and sure enough, they messed it up. The price tag sure hasn't dropped though.
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  6. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber

    Wait until you listen to the Raw Roundup Dogs Naturally Seminar! It will open your eyes wider than you can open them!!!
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  7. Viemarangelrock

    Viemarangelrock Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Spotted a few in there that are also available in the UK.
    Not surprisingly, Pedigree is in there. One of the biggest selling pet foods in the UK, too. God awful stuff!

    We are all aware what happens to our children if we feed them food that is full of additives, colourants, and E numbers. No different for dogs on this and Bakers (another bad one. Made by Purina!!)
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  8. Regalis

    Regalis Notable member

    I swear the price has gone up. We started using Merrick not long after it came out after hubs mom recommended it as we were using nutro if I remember correctly. The ability to change up protein sources within the same brand and have sooo many choices was great. But then it started getting popular and the price started going up to the point it was no longer practical for us with 3 dogs. We considered going back to it at some point, but then I found out it had been sold to I believe it was Purina. That was it for me. Haven't given them a second look since. And i know some others have done the same thing where they either sell out or have a serious drop in quality.
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  9. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Ugh! A great list of awful foods! And ones that I haven't even thought of in a long time like Kal Kan! :wideyed:

    Just keep saying it!! I shamefully can remember a time when I was in that group of MISINFORMED!! Years ago my sister got after my ass and taught me a thing or two. Now we laugh at foods like Beneful that preys on humans by creating a """Healthy"""" :sick: picture on the package of veggies!! Most people look at that and not the real ingredients! *sigh*

    I'm surprised Blue Buffalo isn't on the list. Maybe their ingredients are ok but holy, moly, every time I turn around they have a recall!! I would NEVER feed it. Ever. Dry, wet or treats!
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  10. Regalis

    Regalis Notable member

    I wish mine would listen! I've been on her for close to a decade about feeding a better food. Her dog(s) are outside, currently just a St. Bernard, but she used to have a shepherd as well. She has to fight every winter to bulk them up and couldn't figure out why her dogs pooped what seemed like more than they ate (and we all know how much a St eats!). I can't seem to get it through her head that a better food may cost more per pound, but you feed less, your dog poops less and it's just generally better for them. Everytime I almost get her convinced, her husband chimes in with " but our last St ate 'shit food' his entire life, lived to ten and was healthy until the day he died" ...:furious: and he's like an unmoveable force, there is zero point in arguing with him, no matter how much research I can bring to the table. He is convinced food doesn't matter, for people or dogs. He lives on fast food, but is "healthy" so clearly that means everyone and everything can eat garbage and have the same results. :pullhair:

    How did your sister finally win you over?!
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  11. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I didn't realize it was Purina who bought them out, but that would explain the drop in quality.

    We fed EVO years ago but after P & G bought them out the same thing happened with the quality so we switched to Merrick. Then of course it happened again with Merrick so it was on to TOTW. Our feed store where we by our dog food said that EVO did sell back to an independent company so perhaps the quality is better again. I just haven't checked since the dogs are doing great on what we feed now, and EVO is incredibly expensive for what you get.
  12. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Ugh, brother in law sounds like an iron man! lol But saying........."but our last St ate 'shit food' his entire life, lived to ten and was healthy until the day he died" shows that he agrees it was Shit Food!! :facepalm:

    I know the cost of things these days are an important factor in our lives. And a lot of folks think 'its just a dog' (cat, any pet) and it can eat anything, so they buy cheap. Or they don't know what to look for in the ingredients. It took my sister helping me take a look at ingredients and realize how important they are. I love my animals like they are my children and I want them to live as long as possible and healthy! Years and years ago, I didn't understand about 'fillers' and crap that is put in dog food and how unhealthy it is. So I was learning. It didn't happen overnight and I still don't claim to know everything there is to know about whats in food. But I've learned a lot and I know what I won't buy! lol I go to people I can trust for advice. I buy my dog food from a small, local place that specializes in good food, natural and organic and not made in China. The owner is on top of anything that is 'bad' or having a recall. She has taken food lines off her shelves if she hears anything bad about them.

    I get recalls emailed to me from Dog Food Advisor at alerts@dogfoodadvisor.com

    Most of all, I've tried to have an open mind. Keep giving your sister advice. Calmly and patiently. You'll plant a seed and it will sprout. She'll think about it, even if she doesn't tell you. :)
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  13. newdobemom

    newdobemom Jr Member

    I am so glad I started doing research as well. I will not feed Mauser any brand that is both unhealthy and also test on animals themselves. Most of the testing is also done on dogs and these dogs are not kept in good conditions. There are so many brands that are of good quality and are also cruelty free.
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