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Thin/Fine Coat

Discussion in 'Doberman Puppies' started by Loz, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Loz

    Loz New Member

    I was just looking for some input. Nola, my 10 week old black bitch, has quite fine hair on her chest and belly. It's evenly fine, not patchy at all, and her skin is in good condition with no nasty scabs or bumpies.

    I'm pretty sure that it wasn't like it when we picked her out at 4 weeks but it was when we went to visit at 7 weeks.

    I have a picture from 7 weeks which kind of illustrates it but don't have anything newer as I'm on my work PC and my internet is currently down for a few days at home so have no way of posting anything more recent until then.

    Do you think this is just her puppy coat and will grow in fuller or might it always be like that? I don't think it could be anything bad as she's been checked by the vet when she went for her vabs and she didn't pick up on it, it completely slipped my mind to ask though as I had a bunch of other Qs like your typical worried mummy!

    Anyway, here's the photo:


  2. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    Looks like a happy healthy dobe pup with a normal pink belly LOL!! Dobes have very fine thin hair on their chest and belly, your pup is normal!!
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  3. Loz

    Loz New Member

    Thanks, I thought I was just worrying but, well, I do that a lot! My mum has a dobe who is 14 now and I couldn't remember what his coat was like a pup since I was only a pup too at that point :)
  4. MomToMany

    MomToMany Member

    Yep, normal! CUTE pup!! :D
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  5. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    I know Karma had a pretty decent belly coat when she was little... then when she got spayed and they SHAVED HALF HER BODY... it never grew back as thick... least i dont think its as thick.. :(
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  6. MLR

    MLR Novitiate

    All baby animals have softer fur when they're little and then it changes and gets courser when they grow up. Remember, they just came from inside their mother's. Can you imagine what she would have had to endure it their coats, teeth, noses, were like what they are when they are grown up? Everything is softer and smaller on baby animals; even chickens, for instance. You puppy looks adorable and completely normal.
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  7. Loz

    Loz New Member

    Thanks for the reassurances, I think I was just being a little over-paranoid - I get that way sometimes, I just would hate for anything to be wrong with her!
  8. MLR

    MLR Novitiate

    What really surprised me was that dobe puppies are born without the big beaks they later develop. When I first went to see Chloe, my female, I had my doubts that she and her litter mates were truly dobes until the breeder explained that it would have been very trying on the mother if all seven of them had had their elongated noses inside the womb. Imagine all that extra poking she would have had to endure from seven noses as well as all their little feet. I was skeptical and I still watched and waited for Chloe's nose to 'pop' out a few weeks later, which it did.
  9. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I can't believe a breeder said that. It's simply a baby. They all grow up after birth.
  10. MLR

    MLR Novitiate

    Gosh Sharon, what's not to believe, it's the truth.
  11. Loz

    Loz New Member

    We went to see Nola at 4 weeks and she was the same. I have some piccies of her at that age and it's hard to believe now that she ever really looked like that!

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