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Taking names for Secret Santa

Discussion in 'Doberman Chat Announcements' started by MaddoxDobes, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. MaddoxDobes

    MaddoxDobes Member

    Just wanted to add that everyone was needing to send out gifts today. You guys that haven't need to get them in the mail ;)

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    Please also do NOT say who the person is that bought for you until Christmas, if you get your gift and open it, feel free to PM then and thank them. On Christmas you guys can reveal yourselves!

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  2. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    woo hoo on my way to send PM's :D
  3. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich Notable member

    Recieved mine today. :D
  4. Dobiegirl

    Dobiegirl Novitiate

    I sent mine last wed........I have to say this is so exciting....thanks again for doing this.....
  5. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    I got mine today. Fire shredded the box while we were gettin a mortgage prequal. LOL....So, I decided to be bad & let them open it. & Have one. I got lots of pics. THANKS SECRET SANTA!! (You know who you are!!):lick:
  6. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    On the same subject (sort of), I got a few of the doggie cards yesterday and they are soooo cool! I'm putting the pics up on the fridge so I can take a group photo when they're all together.
    And Tina, how come you didn't put Logan's "lipstick" pic in there? :D :lolbangtable:
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  7. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    because of the "lipstick" LMAO :D:p:blush:
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  8. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hawk received his Christmas box yesterday and he loves his gifts! Thank you Santa Paws!
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  9. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    oh oh you are in trouble now, you wasn't supoosed to open it and if, not to give the gifts before x-mas:eek:<_<
  10. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    lol tina, mine got opened, not on my time but when Phoenix thought it was ready so no worries, I can't wait to see pics :D
  11. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    :nono: Pan, you have to join Tye in hell now with Satan. *shaking head*

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    Because he's a boy, boy's don't wear lipstick. Oh! ya, mean, oh.......LOL!~:lolbangtable:
  12. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    lmao :d
  13. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hubby and I are still laughing about that one. :rofl:
    Not that it doesn't happen to all of us, but it was such a perfect shot of Logan, so I can understand your frustration... :D
  14. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Von does Photoshop very well! ;)
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  15. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    lets see if someone can fix this one, thats the pic we been talking about LMAO

  16. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Here ya go Tina... :D
  17. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    you are good Jan:D
  18. Dobiegirl

    Dobiegirl Novitiate

    :woohoo1: Secret Santa showed up at my door today from afar:wave3: Thank You this is sooooooooo exciting, can't wait for Logan to see wut he got.....
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  19. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    I got my first Christmas card today!!!!!!! Tye the gang looks sooooo nice all done up in their Christmas ribbons!!!!!!
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  20. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    Woo Hoo I can't wait til we can all post those pics either, lol

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