Taking names for Secret Santa


Hey guys. A few of you were around when we did the 'Secret Valentines Day' exchange. I wanted to get an early start for Christmas so if your interested, you can sign up for Secret Santa.
How it works: If you wish to play you need to send me a pm with your name, address, and I need your dogs names and please list if theres certain toys or treats your dogs can't have. Now your more than welcome to also send something for the human owner ;) but this is mainly for the dogs. Once all the names are in I will pick the person(dog*s*) your going to be buying for and send you the info. PLEASE DO NOT say who your person is, Thats why its "Secret" Santa.
I will PM everyone the info they need be Nov 1st. October 25th is the cut off date to enter!
Also in order to participate you must be an active member, you can post once and participate. I only say that because I don't want to see any jiffed. Tis the season to be jolly, not rip people off. So if you have any questions, please post them here!


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I'm definitely in. It was so much fun for Valentine's Day and Boris was thrilled with all of his goodies. :)

Thank you for putting this together again Sam!


I am so down for this. I know my gang totally enjoyed their Valentine's Day treats :D

Thanks Sam, I will send you a PM now :D


yeah me too, not because of the secret Valentine, nope, i wasn' then here yet, but guess what, i got Apollo for Valentine :), best valentine ever and ever LOL


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I wasn't here for Secret Valentine, but I wouldn't miss this for anything! I love Christmas. This will be Hawk's first big boy Christmas....


I too am one of the ones who haven't sent it in, lol, sorry Sam :D