Stuffed toys and dog shoes

jim g

I can't believe I'm asking but I'm considering getting my girl some shoes.
I race sports cars in the summer & fall and one of the tracks I go to is known to have cockleburs
in the off-pavement areas where I would likely take her to do her business. Also, that particular track at that time of year can get hot, like 100 F + so the pavement temp really gets toastie so
has anyone used shoes for thier dog ?
Also, before she started teething she loved all her soft stuffed toys, after teething I can't let her have anything stuffed or fabric, they are toast in minutes. That includes the rope tugs witht he little tire on the end. If she can get her back teeth on it it's all over for that toy.
It's been 20 years since my last dobe and I don't remember either of the last two being so tough on soft toys. Maybe it's just my memory.
Savannah just turned 8 months.
savannah at 8 mo.jpeg


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There’s nothing cuter than our dogs with a little stuffed animal but other than his blanket for suckling, I pretty much expect Kaiser to destroy anything soft or stuffed. Interesting that your previous Dobermans didn’t do this. It seems like it might be a modern day Doberman trait to destroy (and swallow!) soft toys.

Regarding shoes, we don’t use them in our harsh winters but heat is another matter. My biggest concern with wearing shoes in hot weather is that dogs sweat through their paws. Hopefully someone living in a hotter climate will have some ideas.

jim g

The whole dog shoe thing was really intended for one location, twice per year. July and September.
Camping is never a problem, no burrs at the elevations we camp at, just the lower elevations where I race.
At the tracks she won't spend much time on hot asphalt, during the day she will be in the shade in our pit or in a cool
trailer mostly. Socializing with fellow racers will be in the evening when it's cool.
Mostly I don't want her getting those burrs in her paws.


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Last time I was out there, that black track was extremely hot.

First thing that came to mind was
A095F623-2B34-4371-A796-EAE33353831D.jpeg EDB3DB35-EC84-44EE-8714-1758AEC7AD2B.jpeg
I had these when Ragnar tore one of his pads and I wanted to keep it clean but @Kaiser2016 has a good point about sweating.

F3F9C501-903B-45A3-BAE1-AB4E5FDAD1BC.jpeg AB0B42AF-01D1-43AB-A449-D94F225C1502.png

I think these may do....
The last ones supposedly have a mesh material so the paws can breathe.

Keep us updated on whichever you choose and how it works out.


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I like the idea of those reusable booties Ill have to order some.

I used shoes when I when biking with my past dog. We were on asphalt and I wanted to be sure he wouldn't get any injuries from glass and had protection from the heat. I got Ruffwear booties. A bit pricey but they were pretty good. I had a few instances where one would come off, but he was running. They seemed well made but honestly, I wouldn’t buy them again. They are hard to put on even when sized properly.



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I've never used booties on my dogs, so I really have nothing to offer as far as a product. It looks like some folks have posted a few good ones here. I would worry about how hot the track gets even through some booties. Especially rubber ones.

But the cockleburrs I have personal experience with! We bought 10 acres and built a house on it. And the property was filled with sand burrs!! Horrible little creatures! We fought them for years and have finally pretty much won the battle. But for years, we could not walk two feet without getting stuck.

When I got my doberman 12 years ago, we had to actually hand pick a walk path for me to be able to walk him without the poor guy getting stuck. :mad: It was so aggravating! And the damn thing's not only stick you but sometimes leave a little sliver inside that is very difficult to get out. So even if you wanted to use booties just to walk him to go potty, I would be all for it! Those things are horrible. Actually The Sandburrs are worse than cockle burrs only because they are so small and harder to get off of you, your clothes and dogs! But they both suck big-time! :rp:

jim g

There are quite a few dog shoe reviews online so I'll spend some time with it and make the best choice I can.
She's going to have sensory overload in just a couple months. She's never been around race cars so it will all be very new for her.
Now I need to shop for goggles. I have license plates and a second seat for my car so I drive it on the street.
Can't wait to get her in the passenger seat and strapped in with her goggles. Now I just need a fire suit and helmet for her.3d.jpg


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Lol, Doberman’s love taking the drivers seat, but I’m sure she’ll be just as happy being your passenger. Good idea to strap her in especially seeing the open top. Dogs, including @Ddski5 Dobe, have been known to jump from moving vehicles :woot2: Make sure her seatbelt is attached to a harness, not her neck collar. What a sight it will be!


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