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Stranger aggression and mouthiness.

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Ari, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Ari

    Ari Novitiate

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but here goes.

    Stranger aggression: I have a 9 month old Dobe, and he is very sweet towards me and my loved ones. With 80% of people he is fine and chilled. A little aloof, but not aggressive. However some people (men in particular) he really dislikes. He barks, growls and lunges.

    It seems random to me. We'll walk past 1000 people and then suddenly he'll dislike one person.

    This week I had him out with me and I offered to give a friend a ride home.
    He would not let this friend (incidentally a girl) within 10 feet of the car.
    She ended up getting a taxi.

    After that my car broke down. The mobile mechanic came, saw him growling, and immediately called someone else to come and do the job.

    If I tie him up (as the mechanic suggested) he chews through his lead and gets free! Do I need a chain for those emergency moments?

    I got him at 4 month old, and he was not socialized.
    I've done my best since then to expose him to all manner of situations.
    He is great with other dogs, and good with his knowledge of commands.
    It looms in the back of my mind that his dad was a guard dog, and maybe I'm in out of my depths. I bought him to keep me safe while I travel around Australia... but sometimes he is overly protective. Hyper vigilant.

    I wonder if this personality will ease off or get worse? Is there anything I can do to help him mature into a more manageable companion?

    I have a trainer who insists I use harsh methods... a pinch collar, e-collar, and be VERY firm.
    But I'm worried that such forceful training will create a frightened, and ultimately more aggressive(!!) adult dog. Will it? Please help.

    2) Mouthing:

    This dog also likes to show his affection my mouthing. It's a bit gross, but harmless.
    However, my dad (being older) has more fragile skin, and on a number of occasions my dog has drawn blood. How do I stop this entrenched behavior?
  2. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Hot Topics Subscriber

    Hello to a fellow Australian! :ntmy:

    First off I will point out that I am not an expert Doberman trainer, just some one who has had a crash course from raising and training my Doberman mix girl. Doberman dogs are very different to train! They do need to have consequences for unacceptable behaviour. Not harshly or cruelly, but firm and just. You have a male dog who is in his Doberteens and therefore more inclined to test you. Neither the prong (pinch) collar nor the e collar is overly harsh if used correctly and the use of them should not frighten or cause your dog trauma. Even a flat collar can cause injury if used with violence. Have a good browse around this forum and see some of the wonderfully trained dogs at work, and what they use when training.

    I doubt that you are out of your depth and you won't have a better, more reliable traveling companion once you get past this stage. If you can go ahead with a trainer who knows his business with Dobermans then it will be easier than going it alone! And I would suggest to not just write him off because of his choice of training tools but maybe see if you can watch a training session or two to see how it all works. I'm out in the middle of Queensland where a trainer was just not available to me but it really would have helped a lot!

    When you have a really strong bond and your dog respects you, all issues become manageable, so it all comes back to good training and strong leadership. Strong, not harsh.

    Being in Australia means that there is a real negative feeling for training tools like e collars and prong collars, but with research you realise that it is mostly unwarranted.
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  3. Doberman Gang

    Doberman Gang Hot Topics Subscriber

    You have to be in charge, socializing is about your dog being in public with you with other people and dogs around but being able to ignore them not play, meet or defend you against them. So, you gave to teach your dog the correct behavior. If someone is uneasy about your dog, your dog will pick up on that and become uneasy and feel it needs to act a certain way. You should correct that behavior, you are in charge and your dog must feel safe when out with you. Corrections are given as someone in charge not out of nervousness or anger, as I say done matter of factly. What collar used for correction depends on the dogs hardness, it is used to relay information to your dog if right and wrong behavior so it will not make your dog frightened or aggressive. From what you have described your dog is not aggressive just lacks understanding of the situation you are in. Become the leader correct unwanted behavior then reward good behavior. Example; your dog barks a stranger or another dog. Give a correction while moving away from the distraction. Ask for a sit and attention on yourself then mark and reward. Train at a distance and slowly move closer as training progresses.
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  4. CRDobe

    CRDobe Notable member

    My opinion is that a prong collar and/or an e-collar USED CORRECTLY can help increase a dog's self confidence, not create aggression.
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  5. Ravenbird

    Ravenbird Notable member

    Welcome to DCF! Nothing to add to the comments above, just that there are some great people here and with lots of helpful suggestions. Plus we love to see photos!
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  6. Ari

    Ari Novitiate

    :thumbsup2: Thank you to you all for taking the time to give me some advice! I really appreciate it!!

    So true: "From what you have described your dog is not aggressive just lacks understanding of the situation you are in." Become the leader correct unwanted behavior then reward good behavior. ' He just doesn't quite know what to do. I think it will help him for me to be in command as you say.

    Also so true!! : "Being in Australia means that there is a real negative feeling for training tools like e collars and prong collars, but with research you realise that it is mostly unwarranted."

    I mostly have realised that it is unwarranted, but there certainly is a stigma here. Thank you for letting me know I'm not out of my depths... and that he will grow out of his Doberteens. Hello to you from down in Vic. :thanks:
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  7. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Welcome, just wanted to say I use neck gaiters on my twins when I am out in public to thwart the judgmental comments when people insert themselves and their opinions into your business on how you chose to train YOUR dog. 21EAE5F7-876F-4DA1-8725-2644CCB41BDE.jpeg 00E6CEBF-5B95-4126-AE97-2596DB8E091A.jpeg
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  8. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Harsh methods??? Somebody is being misled....

    I can promise you that I would not have the control over my Doberman that I have if it were not for the prong and ECollar.

    And that’s what you need- CONTROL.

    You need control over a beast, over a situation that could potentially turn dangerous/injury or embarrass the shit out of you- needless to say the poor example that is being represented in public for all Dobermans.

    Not throwing spears at you here, just stating that the prong and ECollar could be fantastic tools in your bag in order for you to maximize your ability to control/communicate your wishes. They are also a great training receptors for your Doberman to learn what is expected of him.

    More progress was made and quicker- using a Prong/ECollar rather than what I got him to do with a sweet voice or a beef treat. You have to be firm or they will run all over you- at least mine will.

    The major accomplishments that these tools significantly helped me with.

    1. The ECollar allows me to have the confidence and trust in him for him to run offleash- 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 meters..... he will turn on a dot when I hit the vibrate button, come all the way back and heel at me feet.
    2. ECollar allows me to correct him when he is eating sticks, acorns, debris, etc...when out. Last year I think a members Doberman got very sick from eating dope that was discarded in a park. Yes, I could have him on a 6’ leash but he is a lot more free and happy being offleash.
    3. I can communicate to him for up to a mile.
    4. I can prevent him from hurting himself like running across a road or chasing coyotes

    1. Prong collard communicates to him quickly about leash pressure.
    2. I can stop jerking his neck/head back with a flat collar.
    3. Has significantly aided with training on not being reactive/lunging against other dogs/humans.

    When Ragnar sees me pick up the ECollar/Prong he gets very excited. He knows training or fun is coming and these tools command discipline for these fun times. Hell, he will go find these tools and bring them to me wanting to go train.

    As usual, the bad press tends to tarnish the good press. These tools can be used and not be part of something that is considered “harsh”.

    Welcome from Louisiana and good luck.
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  9. BamMoMoMommy

    BamMoMoMommy $ Premium Subscriber $ $ Forum Donor $

    We were discouraged from using a prong collar...and have never needed one with our past dobes...BUT our latest dobe...and hind sight stinks....we should have started with a prong collar from day dot!

    Now we have a four old with some behavior issues and we are just starting to work with a prong collar....he's NOT happy with it...but we will get thru it...life would have been so much easier if we had.....started him out with one.

    (@Tropicalbri's.............................I am sooooo stealing the neck gaiter idea!!)
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  10. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    A prong collar used correctly is the difference between driving an old model vehicle with no power steering and a newer model with power steering.:D
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