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step by step ear posting instructions and video volunteers

Discussion in 'Doberman Chat Announcements' started by Pitts, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Pitts

    Pitts Hot Topics Subscriber

    hey guys, I am wanting to put togethor an instructional thread, on the forum in the education section that will have step by step instructions and video of how to properly post ears, I would like to get some of our more experienced people in this area, such as our breeders etc, to come forward and volunteer to help us out with this endeavor. This would be a very wonderful tool for those new to posting ears.

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  2. von Cosack

    von Cosack Novitiate

    The DPCA has a step by step instructional guide featuring Carol Petruzzo (Carosel Dobermans) one of the most respected breeder/handler in America. All the materials needed are explained and everything is laid out so any novice will understand the process. Photos show the positioning of the pup and how preperations makes the process easy. von Cosack Dobermann
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  3. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    We do have a few stickies in the Puppy Porch on it already, with this being the most used and popular one http://www.doberman-chat.com/showthread.php?t=623 .

    That said, other methods are always welcome and the video idea is a good one if there are any volunteers who would like to do it. :)
  4. TrinityDobes

    TrinityDobes Novitiate

    Pitts, I follow Carol's instructions and the photos are very good - if you feel there would be value in a video instead of photos, I am in the process of posting 9 pups every day or so *grin* cause they love to remove them as fast as I put them in. I will try and do a video for you and then you guys can decide if you think it helpful.

    I use Tampons and sports tape - I don't use the backer rod that is so popular now - but it is still basically the same technique and supplies

    I actually was thinking of doing this for my website anyway and will be happy to share my amature video attempt lol
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  5. Pitts

    Pitts Hot Topics Subscriber

    Yes if you would please do that and send it to me or post it for me on youtube or something I will get it posted and put in place.
    that would be great.

  6. Sisko

    Sisko Novitiate

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