Staff Participation in DCF Contests.



Staff Participation in DCF Contests. Rule Amendment.

Ever since Doberman-Chats first contest the staff has been chomping at the bit to be eligible to participate. I figure since most of our contest winners are determined by Members votes that this probably wouldn't be a problem. So i just wanted to quickly announce i have decided to let all members of Doberman-Chat to participate including staff, in any contest that the winners are determined by a community poll. In the event of a tie between a staff member and a participating member the regular member will be declared the winner. Staff will not be eligible to win any prizes in contests that staff themselves have to determine the winner. I just wanted to put this out there so there wont be any confusion in future contests.

Regards, V Doom
Doberman Chat Admin/Founder



ok so we are eligable as long as we aren't judging? Is that what I got? lol

haha told ya I was blonde, lol