SSA female Doberman and female German Shepherd


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Just joined and this is my first post here. I’ve found a lot of helpful information and I have a concern and question of my own:

Is it possible for the two breeds to coexist? We really want to add a Doberman into our family in the future, preferably a female. However one of our close friends and his female German Shepherd are constantly over at our house, as well as another friend who has a male mixed breed dog. Is it still possible to add a female Dobie into our family or would it be really difficult/impossible for them to get along?
Same thing if we got a male cause our other friend has a male. I don’t want to not get a Dobie but I don’t want to create conflict and an uncomfortable environment for any of our pets and guest pets.
Granted both of these dogs would be full grown once our Dobie joins our family.

I will obviously need to assert myself as the leader so for example on walks instead of having her (future dog) walk freely and probably compete to lead with the GS (she usually leads when we hike and is off leash) that way she understand she needs to stay next to me.
I was also thinking about group walks and doggy day care since she’s young that way she’ll get used to other dogs not being a big deal, whatever sex they may be.

It is a longs way ahead but I’d still like to be prepared.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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It can certainly be done! It's living together that is the hard part. If you proceed to get a Dobergirl, you'll just have to stay on top of things and be ready the whole time to try to ward off conflict. Really, in situations like going for walks, I think that the same sex aggression issue is at its lowest. They're on neutral ground and just interested in the world around them. It's in the home environment where things are hardest.

As for having the two breeds together, that's fine!


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Can it be done? Absolutely! I guess the question really is should it be? I think the answer is multifaceted. Are ALL parties willing to learn about dog behavior so they can see the ques that trouble is brewing? Is at least one person willing to not get distracted so they can focus on looking for those ques? While there is usually a change in one of the dogs behavior, sometimes very subtle, a fight will break out in a instant. It can be a VERY scary thing as well as dangerous. So someone needs to learn how to break up a fight.
So will kids be around? A dog fight is terrorizing to see not to mention dangerous for a kid.
The thing about SSA is you just don't know. The dogs could get along great until they don't. You have to remember the female GSD may love your pup and then she will mature. Maturity is a game changer. I can't tell you how many times I have heard "But they grew up together"
I guess the real question is: Is it worth the risk?


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Another option, if you chose to go the female Doberman route, is to muzzle train both dogs.

I do know Dobermans who live peacefully with same sex dogs but generally speaking, Dobermans do not tolerate it very well, yes.


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My 18 month Dobergirl lives with a 6 year old Dutch Shepherd, both intact. They are never loose together from the beginning unless one of us (the DS belongs to my housemate, so different owners but under one roof) are with them. Off leash hiking, mine always wears an e-collar and both dogs have excellent recalls & manners. In the house they each have a bed in the living room, the office and each sleeps in her own owners bedroom, doors closed. This is all preventive management! As @GennyB said, you have to be ready at all times and the best way to start is to never give them opportunities. The dogs do get along, but mine is a bully to her elder not the other way around. They do play & get zoomies and are off leash together on 2 hour hikes, so it's not like they don't get to "be dogs" together. Just Super-supervised. I'm well aware of SSA and that my girl is just now beginning to really mature.

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I have 2 females, 5 & 6 yrs old, the Sinisters, who 99% of the time get along great. The key is making sure they are well trained and knowing how to spot the aggression at the start, before it gets to the blood drawing! With my girls I can always tell when things are about to get ugly and can usually stop them with a harsh command of "ENOUGH!". Has blood been drawn at my house? Yes. About 3 or 4 times in the last 6ys, but it was very minor each time, thankfully. It only happened when my husband was with them because he wasn't as quick to spot the escalation. I have been an Obedience Instructor for upwards of about 19yrs at a dog club and also instruct privately. When the girls are home alone they are no longer crated. We put a camera up to see what they do when we are gone and found out they are very boring, no playing, no partying, they just become total couch potatoes! You can have 2 females that get along by training, training, training, and learning the signs of SSA and what action to take to stop it in its tracks. I think SSA can never be completely erased, but can be kept to a minimum. Once you do the training and learn the signs of it things should be fine!


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They can. fwiw I've actually had to watch exactly the same two breeds for two weeks in the same house when they were both about 7 months old. It's perfectly manageable. But a word of caution, I would frankly just expect for the dobe to wind up being the dominant one of the two, so you will want to keep it in check and make sure she doesn't pick on the GSD. It could swing the other way but same point. If you're lucky they may have totally agreeable temperaments but I've never seen two females not develop a very clear alpha/beta order, which can of course lead to bullying, or worse. Others have said as much, but just make sure they understand and respect the boundaries that you set.

Just my 0.02.


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Sure it can be done…
You have to be in command and they have to know it. A disciplined Doberman will adhere and look to you. You have to be vigilant and attentive, cannot be lackluster.

But then again, it really depends what kind of Doberman you get too.


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How is the interaction between your friends dogs?
I think it’s possible, as long as that dynamic is healthy and their owners have a good thumb on their dogs and training.

I realize this is somewhat anecdotal but I went to a birthday party once on a couple acre property with about 40 people. And many brought their dogs. Must have been 9-12 dogs.
Rottweilers, GSD, mixes of both, Pugs, Golden Retrievers and several other indiscript mixes including my own little Corgie/? mixed breed.

All these dogs knew each other from various other family functions, vacations, etc.
Not always all together mind you.
Various random trips over time.
There were no issues that day other than my own dog trying to square off with the biggest, strongest male Rottie. Pretty sure she had some Tasmanian Devil in her mix🤔


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In my experience with SSA Dobie's it is very breed specific. For example my male Doberman is extremely SSA towards other male Dobermans, other male breeds he loves to death. I don't think there is a one size fits all answer that fits this situation. I would personally experiment first. Maybe try fostering a Doberman for a 2 week period? That would give you a very good idea with no commitment.


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In my experience with SSA Dobie's it is very breed specific. For example my male Doberman is extremely SSA towards other male Dobermans, other male breeds he loves to death. I don't think there is a one size fits all answer that fits this situation. I would personally experiment first. Maybe try fostering a Doberman for a 2 week period? That would give you a very good idea with no commitment.
Welcome back, buddy!👍
I agree there is no one size fits all.
My male has never encountered another male Dober in my watch.
He tends to be an absolute asshole to all strange dogs.
Will warm up to females of any breed in a few minutes.