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Spiked collars

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Dogdoc, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Dogdoc

    Dogdoc New Member

    Just a random thought - I see so many photos of dobes and other “tough” breeds with big spiked collars on. They look cool, but how in the world do you not get jabbed, scarred, and otherwise maimed by those spikes?!? I can’t imagine the scars I would have just from Taser running past me when he gets in his crazy moods - the spikes would for sure catch my legs and take me out :). Also, just grabbing the collar can not be comfortable, not to mention
    Cuddle time.... Again, just a random thought LOL 286E07DA-F5C6-49FB-B332-D29F5FB168D1.jpeg

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  2. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    That’s a good picture.

    I always wanted to get a spiked collar but found out early it would be way overdone.....Ragnar already gets the looks from people with a regular flat collar.
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  3. Doberman Gang

    Doberman Gang Hot Topics Subscriber

    Spiked collars are a tough guy macho thing. You see a lot of those on Pitbulls and other bully breeds. They are supposed to stop other dogs from biting your dog around the neck if a dog fight was to happen.
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  4. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    Rubie has collars I put on her for when we're out and about (one with stones and one with white leather). If a spiked collar suits you, I wouldn't leave it on as a daily collar but keep it for 'special outings.'
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  5. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    I would only use a spiked collar if I was worried about my dog getting bit but we don’t go to dog parks and really only interact with familiar dogs, so haven’t needed to buy one.
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  6. Guess I’m a tough macho guy ahhha. I got one cause I liked them and thought they were cute, I know.. spiked collar “cute”? My idea of cute is definitely not the norm I guess. Maybe it’s my scene/punk phase I had in highschool coming back to haunt me.
    Definitely not an everyday collar though

    And a side note: it does indeed hurt like hell when they run between your legs lol

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  7. Ravenbird

    Ravenbird Notable member

    lol. I got a small size one in red for my cat. My main computer has died or I would post a picture. I'm barely surviving on this old iPad. I don't know how you young whipper snappers can do these touch pads. I digress. My black cat looks super in a red spiked collar, but it is only for special occasions.
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  8. mshipway

    mshipway Jr Member

    I used one as Argo's first collar, it sort of helped distract from the taped ears a bit, but since he has graduated to a few different collars, a Leather one, a Tactipup tactical one, and a nylon one for other times.
    But i never got poked, cut or bothered by the spikes when he was young
  9. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I do have spiked collars for both of our dogs and they are for a purpose. They don't wear them often and it's not a "tough dog" thing but we have a lot of wolves in the area and it's a good deterrent since they'll usually go for the neck first in an attack. If we know they're in the immediate area, I will put them on.
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  10. Rodyboy

    Rodyboy Jr Member

    They do have a purpose don't they?
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  11. Skatchkeb

    Skatchkeb Member

    Tanks gotta spiked leather 3 inch wide collar. I have him wear it in the truck and at horse shows (on leash). So many people are already intimidated by dobermans, I didnt get a border collie... so yeah I jack up the intimidation factor, stay the hell away from my truck. But otherwise no, he cant run around or play with it on. Danger to himself and everyone and anything.
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  12. Skatchkeb

    Skatchkeb Member

    I wanted to have a dog that scared the hell out of people but really just wanted to say hi and play with them.
  13. Dogdoc

    Dogdoc New Member

    I guess I never thought of spiked collars as having a purpose - I always just thought of them as a “ fashion accessory “. Thanks for the info!
  14. Dogdoc

    Dogdoc New Member

    That’s a good “definition” of a dobe!:)
  15. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    The spikes are not really sharp. I've had one. IMO, no other breed can pull off the look as well!
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  16. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    That's the main purpose, aside from giving a badass look! ;)

    Like this design for a small dogs defense against coyotes!

    As seen on Shark Tank.
    20190513_101709.jpg 20190513_101711.jpg 20190513_102618.jpg

    It also had a remote that sent a shock like an ecollar to the attacker.
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  17. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    It's funny, but I didn't really think of spiked collars being for the dog's protection. I mean, I knew about the war dogs of antiquity being depicted with long spikes on their collars, but I guess I didn't make the link to modern day. No, I just thought it was all about the look. Man, I need to get a spiked collar again!
  18. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Where would you all recommend purchasing a spiked collar. Yes, I want it for looks. Like I said, no other breed can pull it off as well!

    I'd like a 1.5" width and double rows of spikes.
  19. Lizbeli

    Lizbeli $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Depending what you are looking to spend- I would check out Dean and Tyler collars. I have a braided leather collar that is tough as nails and beautiful. They seem like good quality, not sure how the studded collars are. They have a decent amount of options.

    Spiked & Studded Leather Dog Collars | Dean & Tyler
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  20. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Thanks! Hoo, I may be having to make my own, being reminded of the price of collars.

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