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hi everyone!!
so my 5 month old male Doberman puppy is fairly potty trained. But recently has been excessively peeing inside purposely. I say “purposely” because he knows how to alert us. Sometimes I’ll take him out 3-4 times an hour. Also at least once in the middle of the night, as soon as he wakes up from sleep + naps. But he is peeing inside an excess amount as well as DRENCHING his bed in pee. Like to the point of dripping, so I have to wash it everyday.
Let me also point out we only give him about one cup of water with each meal and never leave water out. He almost always drinks all of it before even eating his food. And we don’t refill. Also, he gets a TON of playtime and outside dog park time. He never poops inside, only mass amounts of pee, and only sometimes?? I’m worried he may have a bladder infection being this is fairly new.
One of the times he peed inside, he did it while he was sleeping on the couch and didn’t even notice. Also once peed once while sitting down and just sat there???
Any ideas or tips??


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This sounds like a check up with your vet would be in order. Wetting the bed at this age and during sleep is just not normal. I would personally never restrict water intake, but with this kind of problem I can see why you would.


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I always leave water out for them so they don't gulp it all at one time, which can cause bloat. If they can get a drink here and there when they need it, it seems to keep their potty habits more regular too.

That said, it's possible there could be a UTI or something else going on so a vet check certainly wouldn't hurt.


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That's a lot of pee and he's only going to get bigger! Hopefully you have been able to take him to the vet to get this checked out. Make sure to wash the bedding and other surfaces he's peed on with an enzymatic cleaner because they can still detect their own scent otherwise and it can trigger them to pee again on the same spot. Also, when you take him outside, be sure to specifically say his potty commands. Puppies are sometimes so fixated on play that they won't go potty unless they are told. Actually, my 5 year old stays so busy in playing when in the yard that we will often come inside the house and minutes later he'll ask to go outside so he can pee.


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Maybe get him a checkup and also see if you can collect some urine for a culture. I know vets most of the time will not do a culture and just prescribe antibiotics. A culture will show what bacteria is causing an infection. Then the correct antibiotic can be prescribed.
If so, then I would also give a probiotic to help put good bacteria in the gut. Because an antibiotic will also kill good bacteria in the gut.

Keep us posted.
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