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Discussion in 'Doberman Health Issues and Questions' started by deladobies, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    Alright so first off I have a question....

    Dont most breeders give their own shots?????

    I have been giving my dogs their shots since I was old enough to have a pup... My question is why then is it looked down upon to give your own shots???

    Arent they the same as the one the vets give???

    I know the schedule and am well aware of what is needed so why is it that so many say that you shouldnt do it yourself???
    Im only a tech student but I am fully aware of the process and proper procedure.

    hrd2gt gave me a great reason and so far it makes the most sense, I was jst wondering what everyone else thouht...

    I am well aware of both the 5 and 7 way shots and there pro's and cons...
    Both are avalible to the public and both are rec by vets if you ask the correct questions...

    Out or curiosity I called 4 vets today to get there take on it... One vet was avalible then talked to 2 techs and an assistant...

    3 of the 4 said they would give the 7 way over the 5 way and listed there reasons...
    I was always told to give 5 way to puppies because they dont need the 2 lepos... I looked it up and it says that either can be given the only difference between them is the lepo...

    Any ideas guys... I made an apt with the vet to have their shots on Monday mainly because of what hrd2gt said but am still up in the air about doing it myself... I did give them their dewormer tonight and would like to do their shots as well but wants yalls op...

    What do you think... Would it be better to give the 7 way... from the reasons I heard and seen yes, but I am no breeder and want whats best for the pups...
  2. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    The only problem I have actually seen arise is that a lot of vet will not recognize or accept shot records that are not from a licensed vet and only have the little stickers showing vaccine type, lot # and expiration. They will want to start the entire protocol all over again. (could just be area related, not really sure, but have seen it happen). Could be a problem for some of the new families.
    Vaccinating is crutial, over vaccinating isn't good.
  3. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    That was the concern that hrd2gt mentioned... hmmmmm.... I didnt ask the vet that... dammit...

    what about ops on 5 and 7 way shots???
  4. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    As pups, ours only got 5-in-1. Can't recall if Lepto is required for State Health Cert or not, ( I don't believe so) but the vet would know.
  5. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    Ill ask on monday when I take them in.. Like I said I have ALWAYS given my own but I can see where there could be a problem, and I dont want that... So what ever I can do to make their little fluffy puppy butts lifes better I will...

    Canine Leptospirosis:

    Symptoms of disease. During the first 4-12 days following infection with Leptospira, the dog may experience sudden symptoms of fever (103-105oF), depression, vomiting, loss of appetite, conjunctivitis, and generalized pain. Within 2 days of the onset of these primary symptoms, body temperature may drop suddenly and there may be a noticeable increase in thirst. A definite change in the color of the dog's urine and/or jaundice (icterus) is often noticed and may be the only indication of disease. Color intensity of the urine may vary from lemon to deep orange. Additionally, frequent urination and subsequent dehydration (uremia) are consistent with invasion of the kidney tubule cells by the Leptospira organism and usually present within a few days of the primary symptoms. In advanced cases of infection, profound depression, difficulty breathing, muscular tremors, bloody vomitus and feces are often observed as the infection progresses to include the liver, gastrointestinal system and other organs. Course and severity of the disease is often dependent upon the serovar responsible for the infection. Serovars associated with liver infection and symptoms of urine discoloration and/or jaundice (icterus), elevation of liver enzymes, and gastrointestinal symptoms include L. icterohaemorrhagiae and grippotyphosa. The serovar grippotyphosa is also associated with symptoms of renal failure as is the serovar pomona.

    JMO but I would like the pups to get vac from this...
    Couldnt hurt to be careful right
  6. Dobejazz

    Dobejazz Novitiate

    Lepto has been on the news in Illinois - Last fall the news did a story on a "Lepto Outbreak" I'm not sure how prevalent it is in your area though
  7. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    Sorry, I stand corrected..... hubby swears they got DHLPP.
  8. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    I would rather be safe then sorry no adays... It wouldnt hurt them to give it to them...

    Unless I am wrong which is why I ask
  9. Dobified

    Dobified Jr Member

    I give all my horses shots except rabies I see no reason why owners of dogs can not give their own shots. Perhaps it is due to the fact more people own dogs and perhaps all the different sizes that Vets worry the shots will be given incorrectly ? No idea but if you know how I see no reason for it to be looked down upon.

    Maybe it is a money making thing for vets as well, they make more money when they do it.
  10. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm sure the money part of that is correct.

    Vets may be concerned with the correct doseage administered, whether the vaccine itself had been handled or stored properly, too many variables.
  11. zoorox

    zoorox Notable member

    stored properly....... this is the reason my vet doesnt like shots bought from the farm store= she said you never know if they have been kept refrigerated as they should be at proper temps. and really I am ok with that! I enjoy bringing my dogs in or having my vet come out to do the shots. to me it is always more then just shots anyway......it is a chance to get the weight and for the vet to see the overall heath of the animal. the puppy year is by far the most expensive.........but after that it is only a once a year thing. I think it is good for my pets to see the vet for the once a year check-up :)
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  12. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    ok so coming from someone who has given her pets their shots most of her life, I come from a family that lived out in the country and not a lot of money but w emade sure the shots were given, and anywayz, I have given all my current dogs their shots their wholel ives, I make sure to pay attention tot he date on the bottle. Now if I could give them the rabies I would do that too. I do most of my dogs medical stuff, is so much cheaper and IF you know how to do it and do it properly I don't see the harm. The vets only want you tocome in cause they can charge you andAZZ load of money for it. Period and if they say other wise they are wrong. I am not in anyway bad mouthing them, as if it weren't for them my penny would hav died about 2 months ago form a cluster seizure that she had. But when it comes to simple stuff like shots or stictches or something simple, I can do it myself.

    I have never given a 5in1, I always give the 7in1 or the 8in1. My dogs are healthy and happy and have never been sick or ever neede to go to the vet, except for Penny when she developed her epilepsy and now we go tot he vet a lot. :D
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  13. zoorox

    zoorox Notable member

    to each his or her own......is my motto :) I myself like to have a good working relationship with my vet.........she see's them healthy and if by chance they get sick. I know my vet is not out just to make a buck......as she kept a cat I had get hit by a car in her office for a week on IV'S and cared for him....when I got the bill it was only 100.00 for a weeks worth of care. the money she makes goes into making the place better.....new equipment and paying the help..I cant fault her for making money on what she does as she does it very well and spent a ton of her own cash and time to become a vet. for us......shots at the vet is between 40-50 bucks.......at the farm store last I knew about 14.00. but to me I am not just paying my vet for the shots....she is our friend and at the drop of a phone call she is there to help.
  14. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    zoo - as I said I am not taking anything away from vets, my vet is a old conutry boy and is the same way. If it ain't broke he isn't gonna charge you for it. I love my vet and he is like yours, there at the dropp of a phone call. :) am just saying they charge way to much for shots when you can do them, properly, yourself. :D
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  15. zoorox

    zoorox Notable member

    but I dont trust that the farm store has kept them stored proper......

    for instance.......at our store it is help yourself. you can just pluck the shot pre-packaged from the little fridge.

    so what if someone does that and wanders around for an hour and then decided to put it back? just saying.......it probably happens......I have seen folks stand with the little fridge open handling and reading the shots. how many times a day is the fridge left open?
  16. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    I see what you are saying zoo, really I do. I get mine from the feedstore and the two gentlemen that work there are great guys and I trust they would not do anything to harm my dogs. As a matter of fact, I went to get shots one time and they had all expiered I watched him throw out the whole lot and order some more. Honest peopl, so I trust them. If I didn't I would definately go to the vet for their shots. Beleive me. :D
  17. zoorox

    zoorox Notable member

    hehehehe I am not trying to make ya feel poorly for giving your own or anything......I know many people who do! and most horse people do also.......not me! I am the wierdo who insists on a vet. I can give my own shots.....I just prefer not to. back when I did I was taught to give the behind the neck.just pull up a tent of skin.....but I noticed the vet gives them in different areas now. things change......I am not a vet. I so admire those who went to school and became a vet! to me with my old fashion ways......I just feel for us it is rude to expect our vet to come at the drop of a hat only when our pets are sick.I figure she likes to see healthy animals also :)......not just the ill ones. that and I really do enjoy going there :) kathy who works the front desk is my pal! and I am sure my cash paid for the new doc to be there lol!!!!......awwwwwww well yup I am the wierdo always have been always will be.
  18. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    hehehe you sound like me, I know all the people at my vets office and they all love my dogs. And I wouldn't trade Doc for the world. And I do go in for well check ups and just to weigh them. he likes to see how Penny is coming along. lol Shoot if I wanted to be a vet I would have become one. Not for me. :)
  19. DobesMom

    DobesMom Member

    Having once worked in a vets office I can say I have no problem giving my dogs their own shots (have to give myself B-12 every day, so the injection part isn't an issue). I just got Emmie & her breeder gave her all the shots. He even told me where he got them...he wormed the puppies too. He said he does his own 1. for cost, 2. to keep the puppies safe from being exposed to diseases at the vets office. Since Fire & Hope both likely got parvo when getting their interstate health certificate from the vets office I was cool with his explanation. I bought a puppy plan with my vet that covers all kinds of stuff for each puppy for their first year (spay, blood work, worming, shots, all office visits, urinalysis, and 2 full exams a year). Once the first year is up, I will do my own shots, except rabies which CA requires every 3 years & MUST be given by a mobile vet or vet.

    I used to give DHLPPs when I worked at the vets office. today I get corrected when I say I want a DHLPP & am told they give a DAPP plus Corona.
  20. Silent

    Silent Novitiate

    When I raised cats I purchased shots and had them sent overnight to me via ups. If the ice pack had melted and they were not at the least pretty cool to the touch I refused them and sent them back. I never had a problem with the company I dealt with.

    With less animals I have always taken a animal in for a checkup and shots if needed and then 3 weeks later I would buy the shot from the vet and give it myself, I would either take the animal with me and do it in the parking lot or carry ice to transport it home. I did not need enough to buy by the box and did not trust feed store shots to not have ever been warm. I have seen shots sit out all day at some feed stores before being refridgerated.

    Whether I would buy and have them shipped to me or buy from the vet would be based on how many I needed. They all need at least one exam but don't really need one every 3 weeks. In fact one of the vets I use will do an exam first visit for a puppy or kitten but the other puppy/kitten booster shots are given by the vet tech if you bring them in unless you specifically request another exam. The other vet does the whole 9 yards every visit.
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