Sherpa gets tricked by Alexa!


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One of the latest videos in the trials and tribulations of Sherpa against Alexa! Apparently she (Alexa) tricks Sherpa into accepting a "Slow eating dog" bowl to make him eat slower. I wonder if these things work for real. Has anyone used one of these? (BTW, you can view the other "Sherpa vs. Alexa" videos on his channel, here.

Enjoy! :D

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So funny! 🤣
I tried a slow feeder with my boy, Max. With frustration he flipped the bowl and well....that was that! 😂


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Our trainer introduced Phoebe to a slow feeder bowl and she's done well with it. I was feeding her out of a muffin tin so slow her down but she still did it after I went to a regular bowl.