Seminar helper info?


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Has anyone worked with Drew Fischesser? He specializes in PSA, but the seminar is for any level, puppy, a little training, or trial ready and the entry blank does have a box to check for IGP, so it's not PSA only. I believe he's part of the Benchmark Doberman team? Big plus is that he's a Doberman person.

Seminar is in Phoenix, a possibility for me. It may already be booked for working spots. I don't know if I'll ever even get to trial level since I can't get stead club training, but I'm so keen on learning all I can about it...
I met him 10 years ago, we were both at a PSA Helper Seminar in Chicago. That would be a fun seminar if you get to go to it.
Turns out there was too much conflict on my calendar for that date - I thought if I tried hard I could squeeze it in, but I decided not to pursue it. Thanks for the info though, if he comes back to the area he really sounds like a good person to learn from.