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I am starting a SAR thread if anyone is interested in SAR training for themselves and their dog!

Here is some info from the SAR team I *hope* to work with

All members must complete a field support training program which includes map and compass, radio protocols, search techniques, scent theory, etc. No canine handler should go into the field without field support for safety reasons.

The team has dogs trained in scent specific trailing (usually hounds), wilderness airscent (lost person – live/dead, etc.) and human remains specialists.

Dogs must start their training by 2 years of age; this is because it takes a minimum of 18 months to achieve certification and usually longer. Puppies start training as soon as they come home. All puppies and dogs are evaluated for SAR potential.

I think it would be so cool if Gilly can train in air scent or human remains detection! I have my first meeting with them on 4/15, and will hopefully learn some SAR specific training exercises, which I will post on here!
Hi guys!! Question for fellow performance dog people! Gilly is doing really good in newbie SAR work (I need to update woth details on what we are all doing-- it involves so much homework and certifications for me too lol!). BUT I have a problem! As a sar pup, gilly needs to be crated IN A VEHICLE For long periods. I have an awesome 48" travel crate, and his home crate is 48". In my car, I just have a dog barrier, which won't cut it. For those of you who travel with your dogs for events... what's the SMALLEST size crate I could get away with?

I have a toyota rav4 and the 48" is too tall, wide and long to squeeze in there in any configuration. 48" is super big for gilly right now (see pic). So I can do smaller-- but how small can I go for a crate for several hours with breaks. I can take 2 back seats down but not the last one because my daughters car seat is in there.


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Not sure I can address your question, but I'm so happy to hear you and Gilly are going forward with SAR!!!

I have a large crate for our travels and "crating out of the car" events, but seriously, at so many sports events I've been to, lots of large dogs are crated in smaller units and seem just fine. I know Asha wouldn't suffer if she was in a smaller crate. Large is nice, but not necessarily necessary, especially if they are chill between their turn to work and while traveling. Asha usually just curls up in a ball and sleeps while traveling and while parked, she doesn't spin or get crazy or need space. I wouldn't mind having a smaller crate but I DO like the height so she can stand up. You might ask at your SAR group about xx lb (your guess at Gilly's adult size) dogs' crate size. Air flow is important crating in the car too, so you should take that into account.

Looking forward to training stories & photos! :thumbsup:
Whoops, pressed send too fast lol! Km going to look into the ruffland, it looks great. A little pricy but the quality is good, so I might want to spring for it.

This is not gilly training related, but for anyone wanting a SAR dog, the owner has to do a TON of training, too! So I got my wilderness first aid certification yesterday, woohoo! I need that (and some other courses) before sitting for my SARTECH II exam, which will be over 2 weekends in August, and involve GPS tracking, orienteering, sleeping out alone in the wilderness, fire building, as well as search and rescue techniques. And that all needs to be done BEFORE they will even consider looking at gilly! Whew lol.

On the bright side, gilly got boarded for the first time and had a blast with a whole pack of Australian shepherds!


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Congratulations on your "titles" LOL. It's a ton of work, for sure.

That pack of Aussies was bound to have been a hoot with Gilly. Looks like a fun bunch. Reminds me of where I use to take my last Doberman for house sitting. They had 6 dogs and 3 fenced acres and a doggy door and they all got along, never a scuffle.
Gilly officially passed his entry evals to be formally admitted into SAR training. He will be trained in HRD (human remains detection). He did amazing, 63 out of a possible 65 points (you need 39 to enter). There is a lot of obedience portion, but so much of it is stuff you can't train. His hunt tests and prey tests were amazing. For his prey test, a "missing person" took his toy and ran. They wanted to see how persistent gilly was in the hunt. Well, he ran them down repeatedly, not even letting them get anywhere. And then, for his prey test, they hid his toy in a wood pile that he could not get to the bottom of,and wanted to see how long he would fight for it. If a puppy keeps trying for more than 2 min, that is good prey drive. Well gilly was still going after it after more than 5 min. They stopped it because he had resorted to trying to bite the logs and chew his way down 😅. Dobies are super popular in SAR for good reason. This fog had the drive, the stamina, and the sheer bloody-mindedness to search for a missing person or human remains until it drops! I am so proud!! Now just 2 more years of training where we hopefully don't wash out, and we are good! 😆


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Huge congratulations!!! That's fantastic! I've been gone for a while & just now seeing this! Be proud of Gilly - that's pretty special! 🍾 :dobe::paw:
I applaud you both! That is a job so important, yet often so difficult! You both are answering a calling many cannot.
@Dasz88 - I saw this on FB, thought it would encourage you & let you know that UDC is not just about Bite Sports, but just active Dobermans in anything. This is a screen shot since I know some of you don't do facebook. Bonnie is in Colorado and I believe this is her 3rd Dobe in active deployment. When I first got my puppy I talked to her and she was very helpful & upfront talking to me about SAR work.

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 9.54.04 AM.png
Oh this is awesome, I didn't know that!! Gilly and I were just made members of the Natiinal Search Dog Alliance, which is awesome, but not dobie specific at all.

Also I have an update! After soooooooo much suffering I am officially a nationally certified field technician for SAR. I passed my SARTECH II examination through NASAR, and am officially field ready! Now I can focus less on compass and navigation and survival skills and gps,) and wilderness first aid and ropework, and focus on working with my dog a little bit!!! (Side note, I had NO IDEA how much work this was when I came up with this idea 😅). Here is me half dead after 2 weekends in a row of getting my a** kicked! 😆


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Congrats!!! I bet it's a lot of work. Well done!!
Here's another one for you @Dasz88 and close to "home" for me. This pup is from my breeder. The sire is Surge - I believe a full sibling to Syn, that @Rits posted a photo of above. Just want to say, these Dobermans are really good at nose work of any kind!

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