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Rubie has a Limp


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Ugh, 8 has been a rough start.

Dingo woke up Saturday morning with a terrible limp and was clearly in pain. We took her to the vet and they threw some pain meds at us and said come back if it doesn't resolve itself in two weeks to schedule X-Rays. She seemed OK on them until yesterday, Tuesday, and she also had diarrhea all day yesterday and woke us up over night to go out.

Took her back to the vet this morning because she's still clearly in pain, even on the pain meds. Seems to be her right front leg; no obvious signs or trauma, no event we noticed. Did take a stool sample in so they can check for parasites. Unclear if the diarrhea is manifesting because she's really stressed or if it's something else. Otherwise, she's eating and drinking fine, no blood in her stools, no evidence of FM.

She's scheduled for X-rays on Friday (they want to anesthetize her to get a clear picture) and they did send me home with some anti-diarrheal while they test for parasites.

This is the dog who took a chunk our of her face, got into a battle to the death with a skunk, and body slammed and knocked over a 50lb concrete bird bath and showed zero sign of pain in any of those instances. Hopefully the X-Rays can rule out stuff like the "C" word any anything skeletal. Hopefully the anti-diarrheal kicks in shortly to help make her more comfortable.

Steps are still blocked off because Moo had that back thing in November so able to keep her a bit quieter in that aspect. Luckily is cold with 6" of snow/ice so she has no real desire to spend much time being an @sshat outside and is content chillaxin on the couch or one of the dog beds.

Also luckily, our pet insurance doesn't renew until Jan 30th so their deductibles haven't reset, yet. Saturdays visit was $100, today was $150, X-Rays will be anywhere from $523-$790. Either way, trying to take it one step at a time and get this Dingo back to her normal self.

Not happy about two (soon to be three) vet visits in one week.


Not sure why Moo's booty is hanging off the couch and that back foot sticking up was just too much.

Geeez. She's had it rough lately! 50lb birdbath? I didn't hear about that one. Well dang it. I'll be sending up a special prayer for her. Do they have to put her under for the x-ray? I always hate that they have to do it unnecessarily. Of course they probably think it's necessary if she won't sit still.🤷‍♀️ how old is your baby now? Never mind stupid question when it's in the first line!
Do they have to put her under for the x-ray? I always hate that they have to do it unnecessarily. Of course they probably think it's necessary if she won't sit still.🤷‍♀️ how old is your baby now? Never mind stupid question when it's in the first line!

They do, unfortunately. I almost didn't give her breakfast this morning just in case they had the opportunity to do X-Rays today but I wanted to get her pain pill with some food in her because I wasn't sure. They said it will ensure a super clear picture. 5-10 minutes to go under, a few minutes for radiographs, 5-10 minutes to come back out, and then they'll monitor for her a bit before we pick her up.

50lb birdbath?

It was over the summer! She was going after a rabbit in the rain garden and body slammed it, knocked the top off, and toppled the whole thing over. Barely noticed there was anything in her way and never showed any signs that she even 'felt' it :facepalm: just kept going after the rabbit.
Oh boy, prayers sent that everything is okay. They sure can give us grey hair...
Oh no, poor Rubie. On top of it all diarrhea? :thumbdown:That sounds like Kaiser’s limp too except his is the left leg. Have they checked for a foot abscess? Kaiser had that one time he was limping. Then the next time he limped it was a soft tissue injury from a glass table corner. Now we think he’s done that again.

Yes, it is better to get the X-rays when they are put under. The last X-ray they took of Kaiser wasn’t clear enough because he resisted having his leg pulled up high enough. So now they will do it while he’s under for his surgery. That appointment can’t come soon enough ugh.

We have an arctic blast coming through now too so at least he is forced to rest. These dogs! :pullhair:
Prayers for Rubie! Hope you find some answers to get her feeling better soon.
Another :poop: update!

I was getting worried because she hasn't gone since 10a yesterday but tonight at 7p:

Me on the stoop very loudly to to my husband in the far corner of the backyard "IS IT SOLID? IS THERE BLOOD?" Yes, and No :thumbsup:

I drop her off at the vet first thing tomorrow morning for X-rays *fingers crossed*
Vet just called and said he didn't see any tumors but did see some osteophytes which pop up around arthritis areas.

Continue giving Dasuquin and finish out the pain meds we have. Then, depending on Rubie, injections of Adequan or something new called Librela might be options to manage, long term. To think I almost bumped down our insurance to save on premiums which went up about 50% this year :facepalm: I'll go pick her up in a bit!