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Rocky went full Doberman this morning

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Gelcoater, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    And I think it’s time we invest in security cams.

    I’m not really sure what set him off, but he had a mohawk from the end of his nub to the tip of his nose.

    My youngest had just jumped in her car and left for class, I was upstairs running water for the oldest to bath.
    Some of you will recall the oldest had some mental disability, she needs a hand with some tasks.

    While upstairs Rocky was up and down, he’s a Velcro dog but is in most ways a stereotypical “modern” Doberman.
    Mostly a lab trapped in a Dobermans body. I’ve never introduced him to a human he didn’t like. They exist to throw the ball for him, right?
    He doesn’t even get up off his bed when my mom comes on Tuesday afternoons, lol.

    I’m not sure what or who came too close to our front door.
    But that wasn’t the bark of a cat or stray dog outside.

    It was more the “let me out to do my job” type bark.

    I looked from the top of the stairs and he was holding a stance, looking at the front door and the side window.

    I’ve heard him bark about a squirrel out back, a cat along the fence too, a stray Chihuahua that managed to get into our back yard for crying out loud, lol.
    This was not that bark.
    I opened the front door to look outside, he jutted his head out next to my left hip and key out a low rumble of a growl that must have last 20 seconds.

    Who’s running security cams? :D
    What are you running?
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  2. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    The Ring doorbell does a good job.
    It has a wide scan and alerts your cell phone if it detects motion. You then check your phone and go live screen on your cell phone. You can actively watch and talk to anybody at your door.

    It is battery rechargeable.

    You can subscribe to the Ring and everything that alerts your Ring doorbell is recorded online they save it for you. Otherwise the only thing you have is access to live events. My wife subscribes, $3 a month I think.

    It will alert to any motion including cars passing. It does have the ability to decrease sensitivity.

    This looks kinda narrow but because of the brick wall on the right. I think you could have a wide scan of not for a wall.


    Original Ring



    I heard the RingPro went HD and had problems. So I got the Ring2. As much as we are out of town and the wife works upstairs, we/she really like it.
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  3. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Notable member

    Makes you wonder what would go by without our notice if we didn't have a good dog! Well done Rocky! :thumbsup: I don't run security cameras so can't help you there.
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  4. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    I think I want another 3 more:D
    And, well. :guns:

    This was one of those situations where, had there been an actual intruder, with nepharious intent...
    I’d be posting an entirely different thread?
    I don’t know?
    I need some cams.
    Something set him off in a way that is new to me since 2013?
    I saw a different Rocky today.
    He impressed me:dobe:
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  5. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    It's a good feeling isn't? It's one of the many reasons I miss Drake so much. It was very reassuring having him around.
    I do have confidence in Rumor, however she has never really been put to the test.

    As far as cameras go, I'm not sure what ours are. Hubby went old school with a system that is not connected to his phone. He's got issues with being tracked by everyone so he's pretty much a 'phones are phone calls' kind of guy.
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  6. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    I notice today he’s more on it about the front door.
    It opened earlier today when one of the kids got home. He was up and barking and headed to the door.
    Something spooked him that day.

    Perhaps it was something wild?
    Coyote or bob cat?
    Mountain lion? They aren’t very common here but not unheard of.
    I’d like to believe it was something more along those lines, lol.
    I need cams.:rolleyes:
    And perhaps a pack addition or 3
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  7. luckybeemer

    luckybeemer Member

    My husband installed the Lorex. We have 7 cameras and have the app installed on both our phones. We are able to see all the areas we feel we need any day/time from anywhere. We also have a monitor in an extra room.
    He also purchased NightOwl for our daughters.
    We are Pleased with both brands
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  8. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    :rockon: :dobe: Could it be that Rocky's watchdog instinct was supercharged by the fact that one of his family members just left? Someone came around your house and he didn't like that one of his girls was vulnerable out there separated from the pack.
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  9. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Want a 70 lb. bundle of dynamite?
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  10. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

    Bring him on over!
    I’d bet Oji can turn sharper, stop quicker, and maybe not out top end, but certainly be quicker out of the hole. :cool:

    Lessons he learned, haha!
    From Daisy.
    From a certain female Rottie and from some So Cal Dobermans. ;)
    Big isn’t necessarily better.
    I bet they would have fun though.
    After the contest;)
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  11. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I bet you are completely correct on those estimations. Oji should be an exceptionally fast runner for a 28" male Dobe, but I think the thing that makes him sort of average-joe-dog in top speed are the large clubs he calls front paws. Boy, they pack a thwack though!
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  12. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    To the porch camera question:

    I have seen a lot of good come from them in terms of evidence in package theft, car prowls (both of which are quite prevalent around here) and also sometimes evidence captured on the street or across the street.
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  13. Gelcoater

    Gelcoater Expert ThreadCrapper $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber

  14. C908

    C908 Notable member

    Had a very similar thing happen not long ago. Preacher suddenly got up with a very strong bark at 4:20 am the other morning. He wanted out and once I got him to the back door he bolted and ran for the fence, he was all business. We have an alley behind our house, he acted like someone was out there. When I got him back inside I immediately received a text from one of our neighbors. She saw two men snooping around, one had a hoodie pulled up over his head. After this incident I have no doubt Preacher will protect.
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  15. WILD ACE

    WILD ACE Member

    part of me wonders if it is not the season change.we live out in the country on a gravel road closet neighbor is 1 mile either way from us and this week Ace has been on high alert as well. about 2 this morning he shot up on the bed full of anger and spit ( literally) barking and shaking his head. i got up with him and my little flash light to go take a look i seen nothing in the total dark but he stood by the front door hair all standing straight up growling into the darkness.i would guess all animals are on the move right now with farming and those looking for a resting spot of the winter. we have coyotes really bad around us and i would guess they are trying to find different dens and mating season is coming soon for them. a little unnerving at 2 am but anyone would be a fool to walk up to our house with that sound coming from behind a closed door. ( i'm pretty sure if it was a real threat he might bolt and pee as he was running away from whatever it was ) :shock::shock::shock:
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  16. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    And neighborhood protection is a great addition! Even out here, where there are not that many neighbors, everyone watches out for each other. Plus, when you can see for miles, you can see what's going on too. ;)

    But in addition to that, cameras are a godsend. We have Arlo cameras and have full range around the house. Our driveway is also about 400 feet long or more so we have a driveway alarm that alerts us to someone coming in too.
    VideoCapture_20191030-065147.jpg VideoCapture_20191030-065527.jpg

    And believe it or not horses, are very good watchdogs! I told the story years ago about 2 teens (old enough to drive) that were crossing through the back field. My horses and my neighbors were going nuts, looking in their direction and a little spooked by what that was ! My neighbor saw the horses reaction and looked where they were looking. When he tried to approach the boys, they tried to hide. Making it look like they were up to no good. When my neighbor called me, I jumped on my ATV and caught up with them . Told them they were trespassing and that every neighbor around here was watching them and doing a relay call. About four of us neighbors caught up with them as the went back to their van, called the police and in essence, scared the hell out of them. The police said our little neighborhood watch was really good and that these boys would probably not be back. :evilgrin: They had nothing in the van they were driving, but the police said they were trespassing and being that they were driving a van, could have been up to no good. So in that little scenario, neighborhood watch, being able to see for miles, and horses were almost better than cameras. :beer:
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  17. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Might need to add birds to that list. My birds will sound off very loudly at night when something is amiss. Like a dog has different barks for animals, people etc. birds also have different screeches that will alert me to someone around the house. Between the dogs and birds my security system is extremely vocal and can be alarming when awoken from a dead sleep!
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  18. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    A friend of mine has two white geese. I don't know what kind they are, but boy, are they good Watch Dogs! Every time someone drives in, they are sounding the alarm. Or horn! Honk honk honk honk! Oh my God, they will drive you nuts but what a nice alarm system. :thumbsup2:
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  19. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Good job Rocky! I always trust our dogs when they use "the bark" and I can tell the difference whether it's wildlife or a human predator since it's different for each thing.

    I've seriously been thinking about getting a Ring doorbell but I still haven't figured out how much data they would use when ours is limited.
    Right now we have a bunch of trail cameras and they do catch a lot of stuff but I'd really like something interactive at the front door too.

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