Ripley Show Thread


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She looks so great and you can really see how her chest popped in the 14 month photo.
Ah, its like waiting for a flower to bloom! Really want that chest/ribs to spring to push those elbows out to correct her puppy feet. So hard to wait :woot2:


Their official win photo is in! I of course had to order a professionally printed pic too so that is on the way. You only get one "first points" ever! It's crazy to me how she looks here. She's still my silly girl but she's growing up (filling in) ever so slightly now and I don't get to fully see it until photos like this. Melissa said her lines are slow to mature and usually her females don't fill in until 2-3 years old. 😱

Ripley at 13 monthsView attachment 120830

Ripley at 14 monthsView attachment 120829
She's gorgeous, and I love how distinct her markings are...I'm really wondering when Melissa is going to decide she wants to add Ripley to her breeding program. She has enough titles before and after her name.