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RIP Oscar

Discussion in 'Memorials' started by apbtmom76, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Guest

    So my friend Christopher Hall has asked me to post this up as he is too emotionally distraught to do it and will be taking a small vacation from the forums til his grieveing period is over.

    Chris beloved euro boy Oscar passed away on Sunday 2-28-10. He passed in his sleep, due to natural causes. Everyone please keep Chris in your thoughts.

    RIP Oscar, you will be greatly missed, run free at the bridge and chase the waves at the beach.

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  2. Michele

    Michele Jr Member

    RIP Oscar.

    Run free
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  3. Dobiegirl

    Dobiegirl Novitiate

    RIP sweet boy run free ....you will be missed....
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  4. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    RIP Oscar...run free and know you will be missed!!!!

    Chris I am so sorry for your loss....so sudden and unexpected....you must be reeling...my heart goes out to you!!!!!
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  5. DoberDon

    DoberDon Hot Topics Subscriber

    So sorry Chris,I thank you for giving Oscar a great life!!
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  6. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    R.I.P. big boy, run free Oscar, we love ya
    Chris be strong, i know it hurt and always will and Oscar will always have a special place in our hearts.
    give Vier a extra hugs from me.
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  7. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Omg, I'm so sorry! This brings instant tears! Big hugs to you, Chris!

    RIP Oscar!! You were so loved.
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  8. lynz

    lynz Novitiate

    sorry to heart this.

    RIP Oscar x
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  9. von Cosack

    von Cosack Novitiate

    Very sorry for your loss, as time passes you will smile when you think of him, his Spirit remains with you forever. RIP Oscar. von Cosack Dobermann.
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  10. heidi's mom

    heidi's mom Notable member

    sorry for your incredible loss -
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  11. swiftK9s

    swiftK9s Hot Topics Subscriber

    so sorry for your loss. I hope your heart heals with time.
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  12. Ingrid H

    Ingrid H Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    So sorry Chris for your unexpected loss of Oscar. Run free Oscar!
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  13. FredC

    FredC Guest

    I don't know what made me click on this forum i usually cant bring myself to the memorials forum because its just to hard to find the right comforting words. But Oscar has been practically a founding doberman of this forum.. I had no idea how old he was. This news is very shocking and makes me really sad to think about. RIP Oscar run free and say hi to Max for me. he has natural ears to so you guys already have something in common. :(

    I'm so sorry to hear this news Chris. Take care of yourself my friend. and please don't hesitate to contact me if there is anything i can do for you.
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  14. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    So sorry to hear... RIP sweet boy
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  15. hall.christopher

    hall.christopher Novitiate

    i would like to thank everyone with my deepest heartfelt thanks. it has been a very emotional time for me and my family for the last month.Oscar was one of the best Dobermanns i had the good fotune to own,love and show.He was only young compaired to most,i had his ash's spread in a very moving service we had for him on the beach to which was his favourite place in the whole world!! Vier misses him badly and pines still for him,i have removed everything in the house that was his as it still puts a lump in all our throats.
    You will all be glad to know that i am now planning for another (which to be truthfull was under way before this hit us)and one more after that as i cannot ever bear to be down to only one dog.
    Thanks Again all my friends you all mean that much to me too!!
    Chris and Vier.
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  16. BreesMom

    BreesMom Novitiate

    So glad to have you back Chris!!!
  17. Apollo

    Apollo Novitiate

    So glad to have you back Chris, big hugs to you, Vier and Warren.
    we love you
  18. hall.christopher

    hall.christopher Novitiate

    thank-you, its nice to be back my friends!
  19. FredC

    FredC Guest

    Welcome Back Chris... We missed ya here buddy.
  20. lynz

    lynz Novitiate

    hello Chris, good to see you around. Hope you are bearing up and are looking forward to your new arrivals

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