Revel's CGC


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Revel was a VERY good boy and earned his CGC yesterday!

FB_IMG_1684198849607 copy.jpg

At Trick class, working on "relax" while waiting for everyone to show up.

Revel's first ice cream for being a good boy!
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PXL_20230515_233302114 copy.jpg

After an hour of trick class then 45 min of CGC testing (others tested too) he was wooped.

Had to stop at the farm store on the way home so Revel got to play around there too and do some obedience on different textures and a different environment.
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PXL_20230515_234913210 copy.jpg

Revel wondering if theres any more ice cream for him :D
Great pics and well done Revel! And you for taking him so far, so fast. I love his ice cream photo. He has that inward look as he savours this new delight. Bet he won't forget ice cream in a hurry! :woot2:
Bravo for Revel!!! He's growing too - all the pictures show he's looking like that lanky teenager already! I'll bet you're wooped too - you guys have done a lot this week!
Wow congratulations! They do get that full grown look so quick! Love him getting an ice cream cone and then looking around for some more lol.