Rehome my Not Spayed AKC Euro Doberman Puppy Female 15 months Loveland, Colorado


Hi, I m probably in the wrong forum and I did look.

FYI these pictures are old 3 to 4 months or longer.

I lost my family in a car accident in Mexico recently. Without my family I have lost my house among other things.

I have a Female European Doberman, updated shots, house trained, fun loving and the love of my life.
To be certain Leah's parents were nearly free of all of the nasty health ailments hence the price I paid for her and the time it took me to find her 3 years in searching. The original sellers want 9000.00 per stud service or 2 puppies due to the excellent genetic health her Male and Female are in and my baby Leah.
Leah thinks she is lap dog and loves every bit of that mentality. Leah loves to fetch, chase and play in the grass for hours. Leah does not like being outside for long and certainly not alone for extended periods. She doesn't whine when you leave, Dobermans are inside pets.
If you read further and are interested I do not want to rehash my story to rehome my baby. I can't type now as it is.

Before you message me you must prove that you own a home and are employed if you can't do that please do not reply. Leah loves children it would be best for her to have that again.

I have had dobies my entire life and I can't keep her living in my truck and small rented room any longer. We go to dog parks daily and she loves it but a yard is not the same. She needs to keep up on her exercise and she has a lot of energy as you know. I am willing to drive 5 hours in any direction from Loveland Colorado after we make an agreement. Please private message me for the rehoming cost. I don't know if its allowed to post dollar amounts so I won't.


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She is beautiful! Sorry you have to go through this, with that being said, I don't know how many people would be willing to give you their employer or a copy of the deed to their home. Just my opinion. I hope you find the perfect home for her.


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I'm so sorry to read about your loss and the situation you now find yourself, I hope you can achieve finding the right home for your sweet girl, I wish you all the best for Leah and yourself, since I'm in the UK there is not much else I can offer you apart from good wishes.

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I don't know how to PM someone on here? Hoping someone has already responded...but I had a few questions.