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Re-homing 14 mo. black/tan girl Lucy, purebred, smart, and beautiful!

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Lucy's Mom, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Lucy's Mom

    Lucy's Mom New Member

    Hi there,

    This breaks my heart but I need to rehome my pup because of a change in personal circumstances. I want to find her a great home, so if you or someone you know is interested, please reach out! We're in Seattle but I'm willing to drive to you, depending on location.

    IMG_0979.jpeg IMG_0293.JPG.jpeg IMG_2346.jpg.jpeg IMG_2312.jpeg
    IMG_2107.jpeg IMG_0188.jpeg

    About Lu girl:

    Lucy is a beautiful and playful 14 month, 55 pound doberman, cropped ears and docked tail. She's purebred although she doesn't have papers. She is scheduled to be spayed July 10th and all of her shots are current.

    Training - Fully house trained and kennel trained. She knows sit, stay, shake, down, (generally) come when called. We’re working on leash manners, but she’s great on an Easy Walker and with more practice she’ll be able to transition to not pulling on a regular, flat collar. She’s extremely smart, playful, and highly trainable but also headstrong so she needs an alpha owner or someone who's had other dobies and knows the breed.

    Personality - She loves other dogs and plays very with them. She's also great with kids, no idea how she is with cats. She loves being athletic and would make a great agility dog, she leaps like a gazelle. She's a fan of fetch and tug of war, and being burrito-d under covers. She does have a lot of energy and needs mental stimulation but she also settles down beautifully in the home, sleeps during the day when left alone, and absolutely loves to snuggle.

    Challenges - Lucy is protective in the home and in the car and will bark and rush at people. Continued training will really help with this; currently I just crate her when new people come in, and introduce them with treats. She can be fearful of people carrying very large objects, or who wear large clothes (basically, large figures that she doesn't yet know trigger some defensive behaviors). Just want to be totally honest about what she's great at, and what she'll need work on. Once you’re one of her “people” though, she’ll do a happy dance whenever she sees you and follow you like velcro.

    She's a smart and beautiful girl, and will make a wonderful companion for the right person or family!

    Feel free to share this email, and people can email or text with any questions.
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  2. WiglWerm

    WiglWerm Hot Topics Subscriber

    SO sorry to hear this...Hope someone can point you in the right direction. Maybe contact a doberman rescue or Club in your area?
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  3. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber

    So sorry to hear this. Very pretty girl!!
    Yes another Dobe owner or a Dobe Rescue.
  4. Lucy's Mom

    Lucy's Mom New Member

    Thank you! I've been looking into doberman rescues but hadn't thought to look at local clubs. Appreciate the tip!
  5. Mystic

    Mystic Notable member

    Oh my what a beauty. Very hard not to want her right now. I think my boy would be good with her. But don’t think the husband will get on board with me on another one lol. I am located in Pasco wa. Would have been nice. She is pulling at my heart strings.
  6. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    She is beautiful, fit, and happy looking. That shot of her standing up by the tree is a great one. It is sad to hear she needs to be rehomed, but life unfolds in unexpected ways and at least you care enough to get her into a great home :)

    Just curious about the spay. Could you hold off on that until 18 months old? Spaying won't solve her fear issues, if that's the idea. Plus it'll be better for her joints in the long term.

    Good luck!
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  7. Rits

    Rits Admin Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Then again, it may be a better idea for her to be spayed before she is re-homed. Unless the person that she is being re-homed to is well vetted and can manage an intact dog.
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  8. AresMyDobie

    AresMyDobie Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I would certainly take her !! I’m in so cal !
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  9. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Go ahead @AresMyDobie......

    There’s a happy ending and we get to follow/read about the progress.

    Please keep us updated.
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  10. AresMyDobie

    AresMyDobie Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I would love to have her !
  11. Mystic

    Mystic Notable member

    Have a feeling we aren’t going to hear an update on this. I always wonder how the story ends when I see these and hope they come back to update but sometimes doesn’t happen.
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  12. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Did you try and contact her??
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  13. Lucy's Mom

    Lucy's Mom New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for the delay, my life's been turned upside-down and I had to handle several things at once. AresMyDobie - I will contact you asap so we can connect separately. Thank you again to everyone who replied, the support on here and genuine love for these wonderful dogs has been very uplifting.
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  14. Lucy's Mom

    Lucy's Mom New Member

    @AresMyDobie - It's quite possible that I've dropped IQ points but I can't figure out how privately message you. Please feel free to PM me and I'll share my email and cell with you. Would love to learn about your life, tell you all about Lucy, and see if we could actually make this happen! I'm from SoCal even though I'm in Seattle now and because Lu girl gets cold I have a feeling she'd love the year-round sun :)
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  15. Mystic

    Mystic Notable member

    An update! Yay! I hope this works out well for you. I believe ares would take very good care of your girl and we would get to see all the progress with her here. Sorry things seem to be not going so well for you.
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  16. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    I live in between both of you. I’d be willing to foster her until ares can pick her up if need be.
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  17. Lucy's Mom

    Lucy's Mom New Member

    I hope so too! I’ve been looking at Amanda’s old posts and she seems wonderful. I also love the thought of being able to see pics of Lu and hear progress since she seems to post frequently :)
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  18. Lucy's Mom

    Lucy's Mom New Member

    I’m tearing up reading this, thank you so much. Life has been extremely challenging lately and the kindness shown for Lucy is the first bright spot in awhile. Let me touch base with Amanda when she’s online and I’ll get back to you straight after because depending on a few things I might take you up on your offer. My mother is in town helping me for a few weeks so she could also potentially drive to you if we need a foster home. I’ll be back in touch soon and again, I can’t thank you enough.
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  19. Antman408

    Antman408 $ Forum Donor $

    I live in the Bay Area just a heads up, I can drive up north probably to Sacramento or a little farther up depending on the day to meet you if need be.

    Sorry to hear of your circumstances.
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  20. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    Wow, from thinking we might not hear from you again, to all this good news! It warms my heart.

    I'm also sorry that things are in such turmoil for you, it can't be an easy decision to do this, but I agree with Mystic that Ares will do a great job. She's already got a solid pack under her control, they always look happy and well exercised!
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