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Raw feeding Co-op List

Discussion in 'Raw & Home Cooked Diets' started by gamer, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. gamer

    gamer New Member

    List of City/State/Region Coops around the US:

    Sacramento (CA)
    CapitalCityRawFeeders : Capital City Raw Feeder

    Orange County (CA)

    Phoenix (AZ)
    PhxBARF : Phoenix Bones & Raw Food Group

    Tucson (AZ)
    Welcome to Tucson Raw Feeders Co-op

    Connecticut Raw Feeders (CT)
    Ct_RawFeeders : Connecticut Raw Feeders

    DERawCo-op : DelwareRawfeedingCo-op

    metrowestmaco_op : Metrowest MA Co-Op

    San Antonio (TX)
    SanAntonioRawFeedingCo-op : San Antonio Raw Feeding Co-op

    Houston (TX)
    HoustonRawFeeders : HoustonRawFeeders

    Austin (TX)
    Austin (TX) Raw Feeders' Coop - Welcome!

    Dallas-Ft. Worth (TX)
    DFW_BARF : This list is for people living in Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas of Texas who feed their pets the Bones And Raw Food

    Central TX
    CenTexRawDiet : Central Texas Raw Diet


    Central Alabama
    centralalabamarawfeedersco-op : Central Alabama Raw Feeders Co-op

    FloriBamaRAW : FloriBamaRAW

    Central Florida
    CentralFLRawFoodCo-op : CentralFLrawfoodCo-op

    South Florida (Palm Beach County)
    soflarawfeeders : soflarawfeeders

    New Jersey
    NJ-BARF : A BARF (bones & raw food) group for resi

    Mid Atlantic (NY/NJ/PN)
    MidAtlanticRawFeeders : MidAtlantic Raw Feeding Supplies

    New York
    cnyrawfeddogs : CNY Raw Fed Dogs

    Westchester/Putnam (NY)
    NYRawfeeders : NYRawfeeders

    North Carolina
    QueenCityBARF : Charlotte, NC area BARF feeders unite!!!

    North Carolina II
    TriangleRAW : Triangle RAW

    Greenville (SC)
    CarolinaRawDogs : Carolina Raw-Fed Dogs

    kynaturaldogs : Kentucky Natural Dogs

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Chicago/Southeastern WI
    BARFingChicago : BARFingChicago


    Colorado Springs (CO)
    Countryside_Group : Countryside Co-Op

    Montanaraw : rawfed dogs in Montana

    Puget Sound (WA)
    PSRawFeedCo-op : Puget Sound Raw Feeding Co-op

    Pacific Northwest
    PacNWRaw : PacNWRaw

    WAzzuOR_BARF : Washington/Oregon BARF

    OregonBARFCoOp : OregonBARFCoOp

    New England Raw Feeders

    Richmond (VA)
    rivabarf : This list is for people living in Richmond and surrounding areas of Virginia who feed their pets the Bones Ane Raw Food (BARF)

    Southeast Virginia
    SEVABarf : This list is for people living in Southeast Virginia who feed their pets the Bones And Raw Food (BARF) or any other raw diet(Pi

    Northern Virginia
    novarawpets : Northern Virginia RawPets

    Central Virginia
    centralva-rawfeeding : Central Virginia Raw Feeding

    Southwest Indiana
    Yahoo! Groups

    BarfKansas : B.A.R.F Kansas

    Kansas II
    Kansas_City_BARF : Kansas_City_BARF

    Maryland (MD/DC/VA/PA)
    NaturalFeeding-MD_DC_VA_PA : Raw Co-op, Support, & More!

    MichiganBARFersandSuppliers : MichiganBARFers and MI Suppliers

    Roseville (MN)
    Midwest BarfBuyers Group

    MN-BARF : Minnesota BARF

    Northern Mississippi
    BARFmemphis : This list is for people in North Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee who are feeding their dogs and/or cats the BARF diet (Bones

    Middle Tennessee
    MDTN_BARF : Middle Tennessee BARF

    Kansas City (MO)
    Kansas_City_BARF : Kansas_City_BARF

    St. Louis (MO)
    StLouisRaw4Pets : StLouisRaw4Pets

    Ohio Akron (OH)
    akronrawfed : akronrawfed

    Cleveland (OH)
    rawfeederscleveland : RAW Feeders of Cleveland

    Greater Victoria, BC (Canada)
    vicrawcoop : Victoria Raw Food Co-op
  2. Anunukai

    Anunukai Member

    Do you know of any Co-Ops in the central PA area?

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