Rally Advanced for AJ


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The saga continues... My knee was better but not good. The swelling went down and I can bend it about thirty degrees before it starts to hurt. But I did something else dumb. I had a stuffed head and a very runny nose, so took antihistamines last night and this morning. So I went in the ring limping and dopey. Did you ever get so drunk that the simplest task caused you to stop and think? That's how I was looking at each Rally sign. Fortunately, the FAST sign wasn't on the course. AJ pulled out two Qs and earned his Rally Advanced title with High Scoring Doberman.

AJ 220806 Rally Advanced Title.jpg
Congrats!! Hopefully I have the same news to report back the end of this month. Well, minus the drunk part 😂
Wonderful! I have been casted, or in a walking boot, for a torn Achilles tendon over 3 months now. With a 7 month old Doberman and a 65th birthday, I feel your pain! Thank goodness for my husband! Congratulations! Hoping we can get even marginally close to your accomplishments!
I'm a little late but congrats! Gosh I have a hard enough time with rally signs let alone be not in the right mind with cold meds. LOL