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Rabies 101 FREE Training Rabies 101: Does Your Pet NEED a Rabies Vaccine?

Discussion in 'Doberman Health and News Articles' started by strykerdobe, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber


    FREE! Some things to learn about Rabies! Its today and Tomorrow!

    Choose the best time for you and click to register below:
    Wed, Jan 15 at 8 pm ET
    Thus, Jan 16 at 4 pm ET
    Thus, Jan 16 at 9 pm ET

    I'm just finishing the script for this free training Rabies 101: Does Your Pet NEED a Rabies Vaccine? and I just added this:

    A slide on a key player to help you through the ins and outs of rabies! I call him/her a "sympathetic vet." And I give you an opening question to use when you interview this person to be sure they'd be a good fit for you.

    What you discover in this training will give you a "rethink" on what your animals actually need from your vet vs what's often getting sold to you. And why "compliance" with someone else's agenda is far from the safest path for your beloved animals.

    When you understand it, and see the big red flags I share with you, you can make different decisions on behalf of your animals, decisions that ensure her a healthier, more joyful life for more years with you.

    I didn't want you to let this slip away. It's gonna be good!

    Here's the link to register for free and join us.

    Rabies 101 Free Training
    CLICK HERE to register

    See you soon?
    I hope so.

    Will Falconer, DVM

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