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Question for ya

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and along the same lines......what would you look for with a home check?

the only thing that would intrest me where how the other animals looked and where cared for. so to me......I would think a good vet reference would be a great thing! many people have big nice homes and beautiful yards and well behaved kids! and out back in a tiny kennel lays the family dog. god forbid it get mud on the floor or DOG HAIR! just saying......money cant buy love. you can tell alot about a person by the care of other animals in the home.

but really I would like to know how many people who bought a doberman had a house check???? can someone make a poll?

Oh so true! I had a home check but once...for a rescued Moluccan Cockatoo.
We got him at age 20 & he lived with us for 7 years before he passed away due to my brother-in-law using an "oven cooking bag" for pork chops one night while babysitting for us (if you have birds, NEVER use these or teflon pans they release toxic gasses that kill birds if overheatd!!) :(

I have purchased dogs out of newspapers & taken a Free one off Craigslist. I had my newspaper Dobergirl for 14 happy, healthy years...and I have had my Craigslist boy for 4 years now. I think all advertising avenues are OK...the seller must simply pay attention to who the buyer repesents themself to be...and if it's REALLY who they are. If you asked them to come over & spend time ith the animal I think the rue colors come out pretty fast.
I , myself, would prefer to give vet references over a home visit. Simply because I am a very private person & having someone coming in to my home to "deem me acceptable" makes me feel super insecure. Like: Oh man, my carpet is SUPER old,& my wood floors are totally ratty... will they reject me because of that?!


Personally - I'm tired of the conversations of whether puppies should be born, or the Z factored/white dogs should be permitted. While it makes for a great debate, it has been debated to death on other forums. Would those of you that are slamming them so hard prefer that the owners didn't post about their dogs on here? For those that own the White Doberman's etc - should they just go simply somewhere else because they don't fit your ideas of what a true Doberman is? They can't enjoy being part of a forum? Because the constant and continued bashing of the dogs they own - it really appears to me and I'm sure others that is the case- makes them uncomfortable about posting at all? It doesn't take much for people to not feel welcome - to feel that they shouldn't love their dogs or to share what they enjoy about owning their dogs and that is what seems to keep getting lost here.

Isn't there room on here for everyone, no matter what your opinions are?
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dobesanddragons please re read all post on the matter of the puppies as well as others I have written before posting.

please spay and neuter the puppies before placement, so this won't ever be an issue again for your puppies and their owners to have to do go through.

Since you want them to have really great homes, and you do not have a lot of experience with placing dobermans (which can be very hard finding great responsible owners in a breed like this) i highly suggest you contact your nearest reputable doberman rescue. Let them know you made a mistake, neuter your male now if you haven't already and spay your female after the puppies are born.

Doberman rescue sees your puppies all the time, what i mean is your puppies are like most in rescue from non titled and non health tested young dogs. Second, give them a decent direct donation for their help with your puppies. I feel this would be in your puppies best interest.

The reason you would want to go with rescue in this case is because they have the resources and knowledge to help you place your puppies in the best homes. Doberman savvy homes, homes that are dedicated and waiting. They have a wait list, people waiting who instead of purchasing from a byb are more interested in saving a dog's life. They would make sure your puppies are placed spayed and neutered, fully vetted for their age, and they would be available to take the dog back for whatever reason. They don't change names, numbers, or where they live, they are always available as a resource for their adopters and have the knowledge base to answer all questions and take the dog back for the life of the dog. Also, they require adopters to sign a contract and do references, and do a home visit, all of which are very helpful and important when finding the best and safest forever home for each puppy.

If you don't want to have help you at the very least please spay and neuter everyone involved in this, puppies and parents so mistakes and accidents never even have a chance to happen again. Even if you place the puppies with long time friends and family members, all if takes is a second for accidents to happen, a kid accidently lets them get together or any other number of reasons, you would eliminate this risk by altering them before placement and this cycle doesn't have to continue over and over and over again. It can stop here and it is up to you to do that and make sure it stops here.
And have a contract for puppy buyers and do home visits and call vet references.

I believe since you said you are thinking ahead, this would be good to think about. I haven't read all the replies in this thread, it is a long one. But hope this helps.

I have a contract!
They are registered as limited!
I will check vet references!
I will do home checks!
I will take them back if there is ever a problem!
My dogs will be tested and owners will be notified!
I am not against help, just the kind that is not meant to be helpful!!!
Again, please read all posts on the puppies, and others i have done.

This was over and done with already! These are old post, please update yourself.

Mods feel free to edit!

Miller Dobes

I see nothing wrong with a newspaper ad since you will check the people out. What's the difference?

What are you defending yourself about? If you believe it's ok to breed z factored dogs, it's America.

And guess what else, you can be paid for your time on that litter.

So there, Go Dela! Now If you really don't want to breed Z factored dogs, fix them. It's simple but it is your choice, not ours.


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This thread has run it's course and doing nothing but going in circles, so it's time to retire it.
If you want to discuss similar issues, feel free to start a new thread, but it's not fair to the OP to have all of this discussion in her thread.
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