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Quality Doberman breeders in US


Hello, I’m new to this forum. Let me start by saying I have been on the puppy search for a few weeks now. I have been all over the DPCA, AKC and UDC websites looking for breeders. I am from New York, but am willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the US for a good breeder. Looking for a companion dog, American or euro. I don’t have a specific preference. Drop some referrals! Thanks in advance!

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I don't know of any that I'd for sure buy from at this point, but everyone's situation and needs are different.

There are a few members here who have shared the name of their breeders and recommended them. Maybe they'll chime in.

One conformation breeder who has done agility with their Dobes is Adamas Dobermans in Georgia.

Again, welcome!


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Welcome to Doberman Chat! What did you find through DPCA, UDC and AKC? Those are good places to start. Many of the breeders listed in UDC are pretty serious working dogs and you might find them to be a bigger challenge for a companion dog. Make sure the breeder you choose states the health status of both parents and is active is something involving their dogs, whether it be show, or sports. Have you had Dobermans before? It took me almost a year to find the puppy I was looking for, but I was pretty picky, and it was worth the wait. Best of luck, there are a couple of litters coming up that I could recommend for working dog homes, but not so sure they would be suitable for pet/companion situation.