Puppy's first show


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4 month old puppy Revel attended his first show last weekend on Saturday & Sunday and won a Reserve Best Puppy in Show!

The best thing we love about UKC is how my husband had to show the puppy in his work clothes Saturday morning because he immediately left work with zero time to change and made it to the puppy match with only 5 minutes to spare 😂 No one batted an eye and everyone was very encouraging to them.


Ripley was only able to show on Friday due to the weather since my husband plows for the county highway dept overnights and is on call, of course it snowed all weekend. They still made the best of it with the help of friends! Show 1 Ripley won BOB and Group 2 amongst a very competitive Guardian group. Show 2 the talented Jr handler Allonah covered for my husband and piloted Ripley for the first time and won BOB! She was quick to learn how to present a doberman and did an awesome job with her! Derek barely got the words out asking if she wanted to handle Ripley and she cut him off and said YES 😆 She said gaiting Ripley felt like you were floating and she had so much fun with her!

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Awesome pics! Great job revel! He has a beautiful gait, even as a puppy! (In contrast, gilly is over a year old and still looks like a horse on crack when hw moves).
Well, breed and 4-6 month puppies had ring conflicts last weekend at the Indy Winter Classic (AKC) so mom and Revel got to show together. Definitely out of my comfort zone but Revel earned a Best Opposite Sex with competition! BOS is second to Best of Breed, or 1st for that gender.


There were 5 dobe puppies shown that day, there were 6 entered but they couldn't find someone to handle one with the ring conflicts. Derek and I were actually in our own rings at the same time, diagonally from one another, each with a dobe😅

Everyone said we looked great and showed really well. I feel like I blanked most of the experience out. 😂 I wasn't nervous until actually stepping foot in the ring and feeling the eyes of a packed building watching us. Who knew puppies drew crowds?


It was Revel's second day showing for AKC. The day prior Derek and Revel showed but they were the only ones for Breed so did win BOB (judge could withhold the ribbon I guess if they didn't feel he was quality enough). Then he showed in a huge working group (~20 different breeds) no ribbons but we entered him for the experience anyways and that's what the beginner puppy class is for too. They did so good for their first time at a big show with way more noises and distractions!




Revel and Ripley drew a lot of attention walking around together since the show did a great job advertising to the public. So many people politely asked if they could meet them both. Ripley would let Revel do most of the socializing lol but she was a good girl and tolerated pettings. You could just tell she was more mature and neutral/largely uninterested to most strangers. Some people she would certainly perk up for, usually children. 😊

Aftermath of a day full of showing, walking around and crating at the show 😂
Wooow!!! That is amazing!!! Great job Revel!! He is looking so handsome, too! His pose is so majestic, even as a little puppy! I have a question about large crowd socializing but I will start a new thread and not hijack this one. Revel in your win! 😆
Revel will be in the 6-9 class for the first time for points coming up in April... we have been working on preparing him.

A peek of Revel at 6 months. There was a point we were a little worried with puppy uglies and him being out of whack and needing adjusted by the chiro. Pretty pleased with him now...he keeps looking better and better as he matures. He was sliding on the carpet a little and Derek is having to learn to stack a new dog so it's like relearning to stack all over so some tiny leg placement tweaks could be needed like his front under him more so his return of the upper arm is angled correctly.

We finally have somewhere local-ish to practice again and went this weekend! (1 hr away 🤣) We haven't been able to practice at a drop in practice anywhere nor been in a ring for two months. Just lots and lots of daily-ish practice at home. It's only once a month on Saturdays (we may be able to go twice) but still better than nothing! Literally we formed a group of rag tags wanting to get out there with their dogs and found a place we could borrow. Some people that showed up didn't even have a showdog but wanted to learn!

Going straight on the down and back isn't on Revels radar yet lol. We started using a target dish today and he did really well! I'm pleased seeing his reach here though! Just imagine once he has some coordination, doesn't throw himself off by looking at his handler and actually gaits in a straight line how pretty he is going to move!



Thanks for looking !