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Protective, but not too protective…


Hi, so my sweet baby Boomer is a typical fun loving Dobie! He an I bonded VERY quickly as he picked up on my Lupus when we got him as a pup. Since we are so close and I am sick often and also most nights alone, it takes him a few minutes to warm up to new people. We don’t have kids (although he LOVES children) and I don’t let people in my home often if at all. He goes on walks and we have a pretty active neighborhood. He has never bit anyone or even tried, but as we all know Dobies can look scary. My husband works most nights (police officer) and I am often alone, how do I get my Boomer to stay somewhat protective, but still warm up to strangers faster? I need him to still protect me so I don’t want him loving any Tom, Dick and Harry that walks up, but I also don’t want him growling at folks. He really is a sweet boy just nerves I guess. Any help is appreciated.


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He does not need interaction with every Tom, Duck and Harry, as you say. He just needs to be ok in a public setting with others around. His focus should still be with you. Socializing is going out and ignoring outside stimuli. When you take him out teach him to ignore others and play with you.