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Predicting adult color of a puppy

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by pit2atx, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. pit2atx

    pit2atx Lurking Member

    Hi All -

    I am interested in two different Doberman puppies and trying to get a sense of the future color of a dark rust (almost mahogany) looking European male puppy. He has a fairly dark muzzle all the way around. He’s the blue collar in the pics with the red collar available as well.

    Has anyone had a similarly looking puppy and can show pics of puppy vs adult appearance?

    thanks! 7F162DEA-3843-4AB3-9AC6-ABCD86DE8AE7.png 1384F444-AA59-42A0-B171-A5630AA7BC13.png 1706BD20-DDBF-4C19-B7DA-BFB0C2E2DC35.png 19D95DEB-2561-4E8A-B1B0-2C543334C318.png
  2. Doberman Gang

    Doberman Gang Hot Topics Subscriber

    Prada has really dark rust markings, her markings lightened up some but still darker than the Black and Tan markings of many Doberman’s.
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  3. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    This is a pup from Echo's first litter ('17)

    10 days
    4 wks

    9 wks
    Bart 6.jpg

    8 mo
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  4. pit2atx

    pit2atx Lurking Member

  5. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    It's hard to predict. The blue color pup looks darker then the red one, but no guarantee his markings would stay darker.
  6. Panama

    Panama Hot Topics Subscriber

    This is the same pup laying on top of his brother (that I kept) about 3 1/2 wks old.


    And both boys at about 8 mo
    2-23.jpg 2-19-18 2.jpg
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