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Preacher saw a specialist yesterday.

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by C908, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. C908

    C908 Member

    I was going to do an update after seeing a specialist yesterday. He was diagnosed with a bad ear infection deep down in the ear canal.There was wax build up and one ear was plugged.Infection developed and was trapped with no where to go. He had an ear flush and will take ear drops and pills for a couple weeks. The doctor feels confident this should take care of the skin problems. He explained the infection was allowing poison to get in the blood system causing the skin problems. He also said to take Preacher off the prescription food and put him back on Fromm. I wish I would have seen this specialist sooner instead of the other 3 vets we went to. None of the other vets looked in his ears.

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  2. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $


    Holy shit....

    Now vets are definitely on my list with incompetent doctors!!
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  3. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I went through a similar experience with my sons dobe. She didn't want to eat and was losing weight. Vet ran lots of expensive tests and came up with nothing. I said "Let me take her to my Vet" First thing my Vet did was check her mouth. Sure enough, she had a little piece of something jammed in there just under the gum and it caused an infection. :mad:

    Hope Preacher is feeling better soon and his skin gets all cleared up!
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  4. C908

    C908 Member

    Thank you, we sure hope and pray this will take care of him once and for all. The specialist sent a letter to our current vet explaining his findings and treatment, not sure how that will go over.
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  5. Ddski5

    Ddski5 Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $


    What kind of specialist?
  6. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    Wow, who would have guessed the ears? Did they have a smell?
  7. My2Girls

    My2Girls Notable member

    Wow! I’m surprised he wasn’t shaking his head or stumbling.

    Years ago we had a cat and it had a horrible ear infection. Her equilibrium was completely thrown off and we thought she was having neurological problems. Nope just a really bad ear infection.
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  8. C908

    C908 Member

    Veterinary Dermatology specializing in diseases of the ear, allergic diseases, food allergy and infectious disease control.
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  9. C908

    C908 Member

    He did shake is head some and scratch at his ears but we always thought it was because of his posts bothering him.The doctor said his problem was down so deep it took a scope to see it. None of the 3 vets we saw previous used a scope. They never even mentioned his ears.
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  10. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Well I'm glad they got to the bottom of the problem so things will start getting better.
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