Posting 12 week puppy


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Copying this from the chat box for @lilydog

Looking for some help regarding my new pup he is 12 weeks, second round of posting this week and he seems to have some sores/bleeding a bit at the base of his ears where tape is rubbing near his head is this normal? also red at the base of the tape on the ear at the back. Should we remove posts and let sores heal completely. or is there another method of posting where the doesn't hit there. We removed the bridge as we thought that could be contributing.
Photos would help, but anytime you have bleeding or infections you should leave the posts out to let the ears heal. Open wounds should never be covered in tape or bandage in ear posting. Can you post some pictures so we can better determine what's going on? You just need two wraps of tape, one low and one high up, so it's possible to post and leave the sores open to air to heal.
I agree with the above post. Were the ears healed and the stitches out before you started posting? It's very important to wait until they are healed.