Please post your Doberman's name and age.


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This sparked my interest because I noticed there are a number of members whose Dobermans are ~5months, same as my Ragnar.

So I was going to start a thread asking who else has ~5month old pup.

Then I was thinking that I would also like to know the ages of a lot of the other members Dobermans.

I can then "try" and relate issues and concerns posted to ages as Ragnar grows. Kinda like having to learn growth norms of child development--certain things may happen at certain ages, though not always.

Also, when reading another members post we can "put an age to a name".

Anyways, please post your Dobermans age and name.

My Ragnar is ~5-1/2 months.


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Drake is almost 7 1/ 2 years old. Rumor is a couple of days from being 17 months. I can't forget my 'G', she will be 10 yrs old in May. Not really my dog but she does spend a good amount of time here so I claim her. My son works a ton of hours so he takes her wherever dogs are allowed in an effort to spend all the time he can with her.

Doberman Gang

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Masayaโ€™s light my Fire (Blaze) 15 months.

Echo runs Notorious Hollywood High Heels (Prada) 4 years

Dobewans notorious Red Alert (Redman) will be 9 years this June.


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Kaizer - 19 months, I think.

@Kaiser2016 - is that right? Lol. I know we discussed this recently, were our boys the same age?
Lol, I had to wonder this myself before I posted :blush: but Kaiser was born July 1, 2016. I joined the forum when he was 10 months so I missed the whole little puppy phase on here and maybe that's where I got the impression that your Kaizer is older than mine.