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Pit bull east/central Texas

Lil Misfit

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This is Aslan, he will be 2 in April 2024. I'm rehoming him because I'm moving and will not be able to take him with me due to insurance and liability.IMG_20231003_133026499.jpg
There is a rehoming fee of $200, he is neutered, with cropped ears, he has basic training and knows his name. He heel walks quite well and enthusiastically goes on adventures to the lake, he loves to play tug, and he will do anything for some little wheaties cereal.
His recall is poor due to the fact that he has some really bad doggy ADHD, he hyper fixates on prey and he would not be suitable for a home with small animals. He is also not a dog who you can allow to run around your house unsupervised, he knows what is right and wrong but is very impulsive and has a nanosecond attention span.
He loves his dog companions and loves to meet new people. He is an absolute sweetheart who loves to cuddle and follow his owner around the house. I will not let him go to just anyone, please PM me if you are interested and ask all the questions you want, I am happy to answer them if it will help him find the best home possible.