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Pets, GMOs and Pesticides

Discussion in 'Nutrition News and Articles' started by strykerdobe, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. strykerdobe

    strykerdobe Hot Topics Subscriber

    Pets, GMOs and Pesticides

    The Institute for Responsible Technology
    11.1K subscribers

    How to Improve Pet Health. Learn more here: https://petsandgmos.com/glyphosateres...

    If this video was helpful to you, please consider supporting us here: https://responsibletechnology.salsala...

    Pets & Animals

    Canine CANCER is on the rise. An estimated 1 out of 2 mature dogs will contract this horrible disease. We are investigating glyphosate's possible link and correlation to Canine Lymphoma. BUT...


    As part of our mission, we provide valuable FREE information to you our valued pet owners. We never ask you to pay for the research and educational information. We need your help NOW to continue our mission.

    A no cost to you the owner, IRT will test dogs diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma for glyphosate - a known carcinogen in animals. We have tested food and found this chemical in many processed pet foods. SEE OUR UPDATED DOG FOOD GLYPHOSATE TEST RESULTS HERE.

    We need to take the next preliminary step: determine if glyphosate is present in the urine of dogs diagnosed with lymphoma. We are looking to test dogs 70 lbs +, 8 years of age or older, and diagnosed with lymphoma by your vet. We will cover all costs of this new study.

    PLEASE, PLEASE: if you or someone you know has a dog with lymphoma that fits the description, contact me.

    On my recent vacation, I met a wonderful family out walking their two dogs. During our conversation, they informed me that one is suffering from repeated occurrences of canine lymphoma. Their encouragement to continue this journey to do this study leads me to this plea for your help. We owe it to our furry family members to do something. It won’t cost you anything. We are all in this together to find links to what is causing 1 in 2 dogs to get cancer.

    Contact Mary@responsibletechnology.org

    If you haven’t seen our 2-minute film, it’s worth seeing. Click here to watch it now.
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