Peeing problem


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I have a 10 week old puppy. Got her at 8 weeks old.

I have crate trained other puppies. I use a wire crate with a divider in order to keep the space small enough. I know to take her out often, reward her for peeing in the yard, and cleaning out the crate after she pees with a cleaning solution that gets rid of the odor.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have fed her outside. Today I transitioned to feeding her in the crate in an attempt to make even more clear that this is the eating and sleeping space, not bathroom space.

All that being said, she will pee in the crate all the time. I will take her out, she will pee, and then as soon as she goes in the crate she will pee and sit in it. She doesn't even warn me first by whining that she needs to go to the bathroom. She will just pee. After she pees, she will usually whine, which I guess is a good sign - at least she minds sitting in it.

Today I have tried having her by my side at the dining room table to see if it's just that she hates the crate. Sure enough, after coming inside from peeing, we went to sit down and she peed on the floor right where she had been sitting. No whining beforehand.

In all of the puppies that I have crate trained, I have never seen this before. The breeder that I got her from has assured many times that she did not have accidents while there. I have read online about ruling out a UTI, which is the only other thing that I can think of. Other ideas?


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Sounds like a uti for sure. They don't even realize it's happening and can't help it when there's an infection. Quick trip to the vet with a urine sample will confirm and get her on antibiotics and it should clear up quickly.


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It could be a UTI or other medical problem. It could also be that since she gets rewarded for peeing she doesn’t fully empty her bladder then pees again expecting another reward. I rewarded for peeing until my gal squatted, not a drop came out, came over expecting her treat. After that an empty bladder was reward enough.
she was a snap to train. got her at 8 weeks I don’t think we had any accidents after she was 11 weeks old and very few after 10.