Omega 3 Question ?


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I have been using mini capsules every night in Preachers supper. They have discontinued the mini capsules, I could just toss these in his dinner and he would eat them right down. The regular capsules look to large, I'm wondering if I could puncture them and squirt them on his food. I'm wondering what some of you are doing and also what dosage your using ? Thanks for your comments.

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I used to puncture the large capsules or just buy the liquid and drizzle it in there food. Now the food I use and supplement I use both have omega 3 and 6 already in it so don’t add any more


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The Omega 3 I use is rather large too. I use to puncture and squeeze on his food until it squirted all over my shirt one morning and I smelled like fish all day at work.

Now I just put the capsule in with his kibble and he eats it.