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Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Tropicalbri's, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Bogie’s obsessive behaviors

    Bogie displayed a new obsessive behavior today.
    I had to call him out on it several times because I thought he was going to exhaust himself and drown.
    I videoed him scratching at the pool jet excessively. I had planned on trimming his nails today but he dremeled them himself to the point of two toenails starting to bleed. It all started with a crab that found its way into the pool. It was too deep for Bogie to retrieve it so he released his frustration on the pool jet. :facepalm:

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  2. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Hot Topics Subscriber

    He wasn't going to stop on his own was he? Had to laugh at those back legs treading water. He sure is a good swimmer......I think a lot of Dobes would sink to the bottom with no forward momentum.
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  3. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    No he would have kept going.
    He counts his tennis balls constantly by nose bumping each one. If I don’t carry 3 balls for him he will look for the third one obsessively until I grab up the others.
    Then he will snap out of it.
    He gets obsessed with the windshield wipers too. I have to correct him to get him to stop.
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  4. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    The swimming is so adorable! He’s like a professional in that pool. I wish I knew recent Olympic swim champs, but who has any time for that while full time Dobering?! Obsessed with balls, lol, at least it’s not just us...gotta get a mouthful, that’s for sure.
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  5. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Wow he really is a good swimmer!
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  6. LifeofRubie

    LifeofRubie Active Member

    OMG lights lights LIGHTS! Even if our morning coffee catches a beam of sunlight and reflects on the ceiling, Rubie is on it. Here I'm testing out a new Halloween projector...

    Did Bogie tire himself out fretting over the crabs? Swimming is just great and low impact exercise! Super jealous!
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  7. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Unfortunately no. He is a maniac when it comes to energy. If I make him stay still he throws little temper tantrums by standing on his head, flopping from side to side while moaning and groaning.

    I truly believe he would be the dog to have with you if you wanted to bike or walk the Appalachian Trail from start to finish. He wants to be in constant motion ALL the time. He LOVES swimming and I have to be watchful of him at night when I let them out for final potty break because he will jump in the pool and swim. He is so dramatic when I tell him to get out of the pool.:facepalm:
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  8. Kaiser2016

    Kaiser2016 Active Member

    Like an energizer bunny on crack :rolleyes: My next dog is going to be a robot dog with an off switch :spit:
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  9. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    Example of his tantrums. :rofl: 73AC04C1-CA9D-4ED2-AB94-C43E31D01FB1.jpeg EDA9E068-00CD-417E-8D9B-87ED74378C78.jpeg EF5648DB-3E06-4E4A-BFCC-9D0A9CF8C390.jpeg CD0C2957-85D1-4B33-8069-D07A6AF8DB01.jpeg He is so dramatic. Lol
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  10. Mystic

    Mystic Notable member

    Lmao!! That is hilarious. I need to catch Kodak’s tantrum on video. It’s not often just when we don’t get are evening workout in and I tell him around 8 to go lay down for bed. He usually just goes peacefully but when that workout isn’t in then tantrum throwing it is. He picks up his bed and throws it into the kitchen hitting my bar stool and keeps flipping it over moaning and groaning. I just peek over the couch laugh and tell him you still have to go to bed lol. Just like children I swear.
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  11. Tropicalbri's

    Tropicalbri's $ Premium Subscriber $ Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    All of our distance swimming together each week pays off with his ability to swim so well in fresh water. He is a real speed swimmer in salt water, often getting ahead of me. He has learned to pace himself and swim next to me.
    Swimming with Bogie has created a special bond for the two of us as he loves it as much as I do.
    It’s an amazing feeling to have him next to me in the ocean and actually enjoying it.
    Bacall likes to swim but she would rather do short swims after a thrown ball, then come back and lay in the shallows.:love:
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  12. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm with her! :)

    You're really getting into those robots, aren't you!?:lmao:
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