Obedience Tidbits from an AKC Judge

Thanks so much! Asha is usually 65 - 70 lbs, so probably the 11" would be better for her. I've used touch pads for bases to aim at and those low rubber feed tubs for front feet up, and a larger platform she's happy to get all 4 feet on, so the training should transfer easy enough. I was wanting a Climb platform way back when she was a puppy but never could bring myself to spend that much, thinking I could make one. But then I never made one...

I think you're doing great! It appears the only thing would be minor crooked sits, but a judge won't ding you bad for them in Novice A because that's the type if thing that gets deductions in the upper B classes. It looks like your on your was to at least a mid-190s score!
That's quite a compliment, thank you! It's new places that will take the focus out of her, so this week I'll find a field where she's never been and see how that works. I've been to every park in town, so now I'm just looking for a plot of grass somewhere.
I recommend entering all three trials. Even if you get 3Qs under one judge, it's good to get ring experience.
I may still do this, but we'll see...
Thanks again for your help. Hopefully some other new members here will want to get their CDs and we can send them to this thread - so much good info here!
at this point I feel like I would be using too much hand motion and movement to do the go-around.
I just say finish. No signal. My flip is by-heel. I imagine if you want to signal it'd just be left or right hand.

Not sure how to do a smooth flip with a platform, I guess the idea would be to train the position with a go around to the platform and then hope the position sticks on the flip?
You can start teaching the concept of the platform with it in front of you. Reward for any feet on, then gradually raise the requirements until eventually she is squarely on the platform. Now put the platform beside you in heel position. ONLY reward square, tight and all 4 on the platform. Without a platform same requirements apply, do not reward her for sitting crooked then fixing it. Reset her and ask her to try again otherwise in her mind, the correct picture is "sit crooked, adjust, reward" where you want her to sit at the adjusted part from the start.

And yea, the judges aren't as strict in novice for crooked sits but still fun to problem solve!