Nose Work Brag - non Doberman


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J & Reckless went to a 3 day nose work trial last weekend - 20 runs, 14 Q's, five 1sts, three 2nds, two 3rds. Reckless earned her AKC Scentwork Advanced title and has 3 legs toward her Excellent. Headed back to Albuquerque this weekend for a seminar to learn more! Way to go team Reckless!!! Asha and I are holding the fort down at home... Just so many $ I have to play with, so we're at home training for a while... Thought I'd post for inspiration ! fullsizeoutput_4c3.jpeg
Wow :congrats:
I didn't know Reckless was even into that but it seems like she's great at it!
Wowee what a long weekend and so many Qs!! Great job to them both!!!
I didn't know Reckless was even into that but it seems like she's great at it!
Yes, she started in NACSW, and got up to NW2 title and the trials are so few & far between, they started doing AKC trials. After the last leg in Excellent is Masters and that's where it really gets tough, about the same as NW3 which is the level she's working on. Blank rooms & unknown number of hides - so you go into an area and you don't know if theres zero or 5 hides and you have to call it when you think your dog is done.

They are the reason I got involved in nose work and it really is fun and moving up in it gets really challenging.
I wish there was stuff like that around here
LOL, there's not any around here either. They drove about 300 miles on Thursday, trial was Fri/Sat/Sun and then drove back on Mon. That's why they entered every run they could. Squeeze in all the runs possible since the mileage & motel bill is all the same.

Congratulations to Reckless what a great weekend you had must be very happy 😊
To be clear, Reckless belongs to my long time house-mate (she's a widow & I'm twice divorced) so I'm Reckless's "auntie". Proud as can be for them both.
It is amazing what can be done when time and work is put into them.
Mine starve for it- work. And go nuts when they know we are doing something.

Congrats Reckless, that is very impressive.
omg, 20 runs! I do wonder what it would be like to have a dog with that level of interest and stamina... but you're right; my wallet would not appreciate it!

Way to go J and Reckless!
you're right; my wallet would not appreciate it!
Ha! Why Asha had to stay home with me. We had a pretty full fall season, so taking a financial break right now, just training & playing. But seriously, if it's that far away you've already paid for the motel & gas, just enter it all and go for it. NW is mental, but I haven't seen it hit them until it's all over. Sleep hard and no problems doing it again. But these are working dogs and into it. There are definitely some dogs that would deflate after a few runs.

Thanks all, for the compliments. This team works hard & honest for all they get done.
Team Reckless went to Tucson this past weekend and they had some great results! Got her last needed Q for Excellent title, so a big ribbon there. And moving up to Masters got 3 Q's for 6 runs - and was first place in all 3 Q's! In AKC, it's Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Masters & Detective. Masters is really challenging with unknown number of hides, blank rooms, inaccessible etc. Getting 3 blue ribbons in that category is sweet! Asha and I stayed home - I'm trying to narrow down my focus this year to IGP stuff, I keep wanting to do everything and don't have the time or the $$$!

Here's the star of the weekend, with Ritzar the cat doing a typical cat photobomb:

Vrijheid's Somewhat Reckless CD BN RE FDC CA BCAT SWE CGCA TKN NW1 NW2