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Normal progression of training?

Discussion in 'Schutzhund and Ring Sports' started by Georgie, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Georgie

    Georgie Jr Member

    I am a curious kitten.

    Had Ruby at training on sunday which is her 3rd session. She is 15 months old and as said before she has never done any formal training bar me mucking about at home.

    My trainer is loving her and i think he is enjoying pushing her to see what he can get out of her... I just cant help but wonder if shes a freak and every other dog is going to dissapoint me!

    On her 3rd tracking attempt she did a 3 leg track, we are still on placing bait in every foot step however there was nothing in the corners and she followed it perfectly. Only once did i have to hold back and wait for her to correct her self and get back on track, she was only a foot off it then. Her nose is down before we even get to the pole but I think my track laying skills need to improve! No matter how i try at the moment i seem to walk like a drunk when laying them!

    When it comes to the Ob side of things, this is something she is doign well but its going to be the training of me more than her!

    She goes over the jump and A Frame fine, this week we threw a toy over first, she jumped over, collected the toy and jumped back over with me still holding fast!

    Our homework was to get her to hold and bark, so... every night i would spend 10 mins with her praising her to bark for her toys which was rather hard as we have always shushed her!
    on her 3rd week there she was holding and barking for her toy.. running round the hide with me and releasing her as soon as we are at the hide and her bolting to the helper and barking at the hide and then inside the hide.
    Because the other more advanced dogs had been trying it too my trainer ran across the field and did a long distance hold and bark with her.. which to my amazment she did first time. Barking away and came back wagging her tail!!

    I think my trainer was feeling rather confident with her so stuffed her toy in to the a sleeve and had me hold her back and ran about. on his command let her go.. no hesitation.. nothing.. straight on to the sleeve, in the middle and a good deep bite. The first session we had she was chasing her ball and the lure, the next session again her toy and a lure. I wasnt expecting him to move her on to a sleeve so fast and the other members there were saying it was very unsual!

    Is this a normal progression for a starter dog?

    Her pedigree is a funny one. Her mum is half working half show lines.
    her dad is nothing. behind him there were proper working dogs in the sense of police force dogs but we are going back 20 years or so before they ditched dobes from the force. All the way back it goes in to german working stuff.

    As a puppy she would never leave the broom alone, always chasing things, always after the ball chuckers vs the balls i was throwing for her. Loved playing tuggie and would fight to the death for her ropes! Being a newbie and a total novice so would have never known these things could have been an inducator of her drive.

    in the words of my trainer "I think i am going to enjoy training this dog"
  2. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    She is older which does make a difference - you move much slower with a puppy. Each dog is different - on the tracking you need to lay a straight line. It is hard. What you need to do is pick out two things way out front of you that you can line up absolutely on top of each other to be lined up and track straight to them.
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  3. Lord

    Lord Jr Member

    I think it is very normal for a dog to bite on the first day. Depends on the helper and if you taught her prior to the training how to properly play with the tug. Anyways. The fact that the father was nothing means nothing sometimes. This is why it is important to work with the dogs. You can mate 2 show "sheep" and the result can be a litter of dangerous even dogs. Especially people that they do not work their dogs under pressure they will never know what kind of dog they have.
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  4. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    THANK YOU LORD I get very tired of the people who have couch potatoes but because the bark when the door bell rings they that they would stand up and protect them so they breed them with no understanding of temperament. It is a big pet peeve of mine.
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  5. Georgie

    Georgie Jr Member

    in regards to training before hand.... erm. nothing! Other than playing about at home, throwing balls, playing with a tug but i have no knowledge of schH what so ever other than from hanging around on US sites i like what i see and read... now partaking in it i am utterly hooked and bummed i am off to a euro show this weekend and not training!!

    Temperment was a major factor when i produced Zara's litter. The sire is a SchH1 dog but has the all important off switch and is a total baby at home, so many dogs behind him were the same, worked and pushed but lived at home with kids. My girls will play and fight and play.. and fight with me on the tug but as soon as the toys go away they are happy to be my potatoes again!

    Rubles has always bounced about for a ball or what ever she is after but i was suprised to see her happily go for the sleeve so confidently!
  6. von Cosack

    von Cosack Novitiate

    Sounds great Geogie keep working and don't drink before you lay track!!! Von
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