Nightime potty frequency - when to change?


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Hi again all! We picked up our little guy this weekend and are off running. A few questions we hoped to get your thoughts on:

1. How long should we wait to decrease the amount of nightime potty breaks for an 8 week old pup we brought home 2 days ago? We currently take him out around 10pm before crate bedtime, then again at 1am, 4am, and 7am. Just to note- this is the schedule we implemented, as opposed to taking him out after whimpering. No issues so far, fingers crossed.

2. Any suggestions on when should we start brushing his teeth and how often? Would you recommend initial brushing with a finger glove or a toothbrush (both pup approved)?

3. We'll be picking him up post-crop this evening, any recommendations on how to ease them in the first few days to help with the transition e.g. letting them nap on the couch next to us VS the crate, extra treats?

Thanks again, your advice has already helped a ton over these first couple of days.


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The general rule of thumb for a puppy (and it's very dog dependent) is that they can 'hold it' for up to as many hours are they are months old. So, a 2 month old puppy really shouldn't go more than 2 hours without a potty break (the schedule you've outlined is fine as long as he's not having accidents!). That being said, if he is crated and he HAS to go, he will most likely let you know with a whimper. I think we did scheduled outings for the first couple of nights and if that went well, we tried to let them tell us when they had to go out. And of course, nighttime potty breaks are no fuss, no fun, and all business.

For any aspect of grooming (being handled, nail grinding, teeth brushing, etc), it should be made fun and short at frist with all of reward! Admittedly, we don't routinely brush our dogs teeth but I'm sure someone will have their tried and true tricks!

I think you'll be surprised to find that ear cropping is really no big deal for them; unless you make it one! He probably won't even notice :D


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^^^ great answers from @LifeofRubie

I would spend this first week or two just getting to know him, letting him adjust to his new home & new person (people?). Between leaving the whole world that he knew, then a new place, then surgery - Just play, sleep & potty is the only priorities. And no, I wouldn't let him on the furniture. Put a bed on the floor where you settle in to watch TV so he's close. At this age I used an X-pen, so I could move it & the bed around the house. The bedtime crate was in the bedroom. When he's older and has learned manners and boundaries, you can invite him to the couch. Mine was 1 1/2 yrs before I let her on my bed (motel was an exception, but that's a different story). She still doesn't get on any other furniture in the house, even when I leave her home alone. Little things like that - just remember don't let him do at 2 or 3 months what you don't want him doing at 2 years. Not like you have to discipline him, just guide him to the right choices at this age. Can't wait to see photos!!!


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Thank you both!
A couple of pictures of Batman relaxing on the ride home and staring down his arch nemesis, the "Joker" ball:


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