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New puppy, wary of walks

Discussion in 'Doberman Puppies' started by Fairy_Hedgehog, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Fairy_Hedgehog

    Fairy_Hedgehog Novitiate

    Hello from Colorado!

    I just adopted a wonderful little Doberman mix from a rescue and named her Poppy. They said she is ~13 weeks old and I know she was in a foster with her siblings for at least 4 of those weeks. I don't know if the foster didn't take them on walks while they were younger, but she is very wary of strangers and dogs outside of my house. She stops in her tracks and if people come up she runs away. In the house she runs towards strangers and is very loving so it's a fairly big difference. I've only had her for about a week now, but I want her to be her best self as she grows so any advice on how to make her more confident outside the house would be great!

    We are starting puppy training next week (after completing all her shots!) so I'm hoping that being in those classes will help her be more confident.

    Also, here are photos because I think she's too cute not to share :D

    (Hopefully it's ok to talk about Dobie mixes on this chat!)

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  2. jazzies mum

    jazzies mum Hot Topics Subscriber

    What a little sweetie! I am a fan of the mixes, having one myself, and everyone is welcome here! So welcome to Doberman Chat from Australia. :ntmy:

    Just my opinion, but I wouldn't be too concerned about her being a bit timid outside to start with. They all have different personalities and go through different fear stages too. Poppy will gain her confidence with experience I'm sure, but I would be careful of putting her in situations that are too stressful for her at the moment. Being gently encouraging would probably go further than forcing her out of her comfort zone, but don't fuss her up when she is fearful. If your attitude is calm, confident and matter of fact then she will learn to look at you for her cues to behaviour. If you get anxious she will pick up on that immediately, and that reinforces her uncertainty. I'm positive there is a mind reading gene coming directly from the Dobermans and this can work for you, or against if you lose your cool! :rofl:
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  3. CRDobe

    CRDobe Notable member

    Welcome from Costa Rica.
    I agree with Jazzies mum. And she is adorable!!
  4. Ivory Skye

    Ivory Skye New Member

    Welcome from NZ. I also agree with Jazzies mum.
    Poppy is super cute!
  5. Atingles10

    Atingles10 Notable member

    So cute!!!!!! And I agree, at 13 weeks she may just need to keep working on it. Keep it at the positive stage and she should get there. With our guy he would go through random fear stages, and as he got bigger some were funny considering his size and breed but with confidence they come around. Training will hopefully help too I'm sure once she adjusts there!!
  6. NamVetJoe

    NamVetJoe Notable member

    God bless you and your new puppy
  7. Rodyboy

    Rodyboy Jr Member

    Jazziest mum has the right idea. Also the mind reading is a dobe feature. They watch us closely, if we are ok they are ok. I will say a lot to Buddy it's ok it's ok and the soothing sound of my voice calms him down. He is very intense but is beginning to calm down. Your puppy is so cute, just relax, which is hard, they usually work things out themselves as long as we are consistent, and you will be. You are always welcome here. That is why we are here, to help. I don't think we are purists. Good day to you both.
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  8. Fairy_Hedgehog

    Fairy_Hedgehog Novitiate

    Thanks y’all! I do try to be super calm whenever she stops. I’ve also started walking towards strangers (the leash is pretty long) and just talking to them casually and I think that helps, sometimes she even comes up and checks it out! I’m glad that wariness seems pretty normal at this age. Her bark always gets me though, it sounds like she’s massive but she’s maybe 20 lbs :rofl:

    The thing that’s really tripping me up is when to give her rewards. I don’t want her to bark at people on walks. Weirdly now that we’ve gone on more walks she’s started barking at some people and just staring at others. Does anyone have experience with reassuring puppies without reinforcing their suspicions of strangers?
  9. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Welcome from Minnesota and congrats on your cute new addition! :welcome:

    I think they're all a little uncertain about some things at this age and it's pretty hard to know how she was brought up or socialized. I'm sure the classes will help build her confidence slowly.
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  10. Fairy_Hedgehog

    Fairy_Hedgehog Novitiate

    Y'all were all so right, thank you for easing my mind. After a full week of walks 3x a day and a weekend of playing with an older dog, more walks and hanging out with a group of my friends she's more confident! She still stops and stares when there is something she hasn't really interacted with (baby strollers and skate boarders mostly), but isn't barking at people anymore. I'm very excited to start puppy classes!


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  11. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    She is simply precious! It sounds like everything is starting to improve already. Good for you! Just take situations in stride and she will too. :)
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