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My baby has Parvo

Discussion in 'Doberman Health Issues and Questions' started by linx_linx, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    i found out about 3 days ago my 15 week old Dobey has Parvo. i called the people that i baught him from said they told me to get his shots but they never did plus i figured they already did sence they are breeders my mom use to breed shelties and she always gave them shots before selling them. Instead of putting him down i have him on treatments so far so good. Man this stuff is nothing to play around with, it just makes me wanna cry and i did besuase in the little bit of time i've had him i fell in love with him. any in put on anything extra i could do to help him along would help me. the vet after 3 days of treatment is letting me give him 2 to 3 table spoons of sugar water and maybe tonight after his next treament he might give me doggy pedalight.

  2. diekrazy

    diekrazy Active Member

    Oh no I hope the little one makes it through...you are right Parvo is no joke. I wish I could help.
  3. zoorox

    zoorox Notable member

    wow! so very sorry.....parvo is nasty stuff. shots are so very important for a puppy.....and even after the first set they still need protection. I myself do not let my puppy out of my yard untill after the 3rd set.

    a friend of mine treated her pup with parvo....she couldnt afford to keep it at the vet.I recall her having to give the dog fluids like every 30 min around the clock.

    sending my very best wishes to you and your sick puppy
  4. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    thanks to both of you. i couldnt afford to keep him at the vets, but i have to take him to the vet twice a day for the shots and fluids that they put under the skin. if i let him stay there it would cost 600 to 1000 where if i take him twice a day its only gonna be 200
  5. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    hes loving this sugar water every 2 hours
  6. Michele

    Michele Jr Member

    I'm so sorry. I hope the pup makes a full recovery.
  7. MaddoxDobes

    MaddoxDobes Member

    I'm so sorry! Parvo is very scary. I hope he makes a full recovery!!! Please keep us updated!
  8. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean New Member

    Sorry to hear. Hope he pulls through.

    My lab/husky mix, Cuddles, had parvo as a pup. She made it through, and has been an amazingly healthy dog the rest of her life. She is fifteen now.
  9. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I'm so sorry to hear that. :(

    Our best thoughts are with you and the pup for a full recovery.
  10. deladobies

    deladobies Member

    I couldnt be more sorry, it is horrible when the little ones get sick.... Please keep us updated.
  11. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    i thank all of you people just you saying that some of you had pips that made it through gives me so much more hope
  12. FredC

    FredC Guest

    I have also had a puppy with Parvo in the past. It was a scarry scarry time but she made it thru also. Good Luck. I really am sorry to hear this. Parvo is no joke. And i would never wish this on my worst enamy
  13. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich Notable member

    Sending good thoughts! Hope your pup gets better!

    Also remember to bleach will be your best friend when cleaning.
  14. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    thanks everyone today is day 3 of treatments and all is going good so far the vet said keep going with the sugar water and now he started me on Pet-A-Lyte
  15. diekrazy

    diekrazy Active Member

    Sadie my husky malamute mix had problems when she was a pup. She got stepped on by her parents and her intestines were all wrangled up. The vet said she probably would not live. We took her in and had the surgery she needed and unbelieveably she made it through. The vet said that her immune system would be weak after the surgery and we needed to watch her. Well guess what...she came down with parvo after she had the parvo shot. We had to take her in to the vet again and she stayed several days...again the vet said it looks like she might not make it. Well she did and is still alive and well today. So do not fret my friend .... our furry friends have a lot of will power to pull through some of the toughest situations. I know yours will pull through as well.

    By the way she is the one in the pic to the left <--------
  16. hrd2gt

    hrd2gt Well-Known Member

    Good luck, wish the best, seems like a lot of pups make it. Poor baby :(

    Parvo is really bad here in San Antonio, I made sure to keep Karma on lock down til she had all her shots plus one extra.
  17. burlysoldier

    burlysoldier Member

    i would die. My best wishes to you and the little one
  18. burlysoldier

    burlysoldier Member

    And as a fellow dobe owner in New York, I will be extra careful with Zulu. Any advice guys??? I wipe his paws a
  19. burlysoldier

    burlysoldier Member

    nd I wipe them after every walk, but what else can a 10 week old dobe pup owner be doing to prevent?
  20. linx_linx

    linx_linx New Member

    well yesturday was his turning point cause today hes running around and happy again thank good. we will see what the vet says i go there twice a day 7:30 and 5:15 every day for treatments. i told the vet when my dad was her yesturday he jumped up to greet my dad and the vet said that was a good sign. Now WOOHOO he was playing with me this morning.

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