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Like and agree. The title should say Trainability - not intelligence. There is absolutely so much more than obeying commands, as @Doberman Gang keeps pointing out. Such a large fascinating field of research, trying to bridge and explore the gap in communication between species. There is so much we humans do not know. And 1994 is already long ago. I did think the list seemed a bit unnuanced but still interesting.
I will add, that train ability vs. intelligence is also a reflection of the dogs desire for or drive for a reward. If a dog has not the desire for a food or toy reward, more than likely the work will suffer and training will take more time to teach behaviors. This doesn’t necessarily determine intelligence but appears that the dog is a slower learner. Dogs with high drive for food or toys will Learn quickly because of that drive. So does drive mean more intelligent or does the trainers/handlers ability to achieve more reps in a short time enable quicker learning? In my experience the malinois learning and desire for work make them much easier to train. I would never want to rank dogs 1 to 10 on intelligence because there are too many variables to consider. I have seen super high drive Doberman’s that train in comparison as well as some working GSD’s and other working breeds.