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Lowes has new dog policy

Discussion in 'Doberman Talk and Discussions' started by Dobs4ever, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    I sometimes take one of the dogs in with me when I go to Lowes. Yesterday I had Helio with me and everyone was petting him and loving on him and he was quite the ham. THEN the manager came up and asked me if he was a service dog. I said no but he is trained to track and to locate lost items. I told her he was titled and well socialized.

    She was really nice and said I can see that but lowes changed their policy so now only service dogs are allowed. I told her I was sorry I did not know that as I go into Lowes in Warrensburg all the time and no one ever said anything. She said well we don't always follow it. AHHHH OK how am I to know what days I can come in???

    Anyway she and I had a good visit - she is a good ambassador for Lowes as she was very nice about the whole thing. Then when I got ready to leave (I was at the door on the way out) another employee stopped me with an angry face asking me if he was a service dog. I said no but thank you for asking - I have already visited with you store manager who is a very nice person. ...... I left. But be forewarned I just hope Home Depot does not follow even though there is not one near us.
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  2. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    I just saw a sign saying just that at our local Lowes entrance last weekend and was wondering if it was new or they just never had a sign up before. That's too bad and I could see if it was a store who sells food, but Lowes does not. Maybe a liability thing?
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  3. JerseyFirefighter

    JerseyFirefighter Site Sponsor

    All of the Home Depot's by me have the "No dogs" sign on the front door. There is only one that I know of that still allows dogs otherwise. Then again, the answer varies from employee to employee. I call and ask if it is ok and they say as long as the dog is leashed...then I go ask a service rep and they say it's an informal policy but as long as you have a small dog in the cart it's ok. sheeesh. I do get mixed reviews when I bring him in.. From the "aww hes so beautiful" to the ones that cling to their possessions as if he's a thief in the night. Lowes as far as I know by me do not allow pets regardless.
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  4. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Our fleet store allows dogs but you either have to be able to carry them or keep them in a cart. I could not lift them to do either one. As far as I know our pet shop and feed store are the only ones around here anymore who do allow them in.
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  5. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    That's really too bad. I hope it's not a tend. I personally like taking my dogs places with me.
    We still have several options like Bass Pro and Cabela's. We also have a couple of restaurants near us with large patios that will let you bring your dog. Of course we can't leave out the Museum of the Dog and Purina Farms. Hope none of these places change their rules.
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  6. Oh Little Oji

    Oh Little Oji Formerly Tad Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    It doesn't seem too hard to find restaurants that allow dogs on their patios.

    One recent evening/night I had the opportunity to enjoy a few beers on the large patio of a nearby pub. I needed to bring my pup because he at that point couldn't handle me leaving the house without him or he would spiral into a barking frenzy for my wife to deal with.

    So there I was living the good life enjoying some fine beers when the need to, umm, recycle those beers becomes non-ndeferrable. My choices were: Tie him to my table (which might offend some), Tie him somewhere outside the patio (which might get him stolen, and might offend some), Bring him in the restaurant with me – in my arms. I chose that last one.

    As I exited the restroom – pup still in arms as he had been the whole time – oh, the scolding I got from a particular employee, I assume the manger. Now, on my way in I took note of a certain man who gave me a hard glare as I passed him. The same man gave a similar glare on the way out.

    Oh well. I understand I guess. I don't know. I don't think I would have much of a negative reaction at all to someone carrying a puppy into a restaurant.

    My counterargument with the employee was that I had been getting subjected to cigarette smoke on their deck – against the rules, if not the law – which if one thinks about it is an actual poisoning as opposed to the worry over some possible poisoning caused by a canine entering a restaurant.
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  7. Asteria

    Asteria Formerly Luca & Co Hot Topics Subscriber

    That is very interesting. The corporate headquarters for Lowes is here in NC in Mooresvile. A very drivable distance from me. The one my friend works at I can almost see from my front door if there weren't nice trees and hills. Luca and bristol go there all the time. She was just there with me two days ago when I rented a carpet cleaner. They haven't even told me my dogs can't come in.

    Now I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact that I know everyone in that store well since my long time relationship boyfriend works there and had since they opened that location many years ago. Or if this location hasn't taken that policy into effect or enforced it yet.

    I'll be keeping my eyes open. Until they tell me I can't I'll be taking bristol in.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with it: http://www.10news.com/news/family-of-dog-bite-attack-victim-inside-lowes-talks-only-to-team-10
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  8. Dobie Wan Knobie

    Dobie Wan Knobie Hot Topics Subscriber $ Forum Donor $

    I would think that with a lawsuit pending because of this story it is a strong possibility that this is driving the sudden change to enforce their corporate policy. That is sad for the boy and family to have to suffer for the negligence of that dog owner. They said he was charged with a felony...I wonder how that is going for him?
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  9. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Me too. :( And the only feed store that I know of that may allow them is a small, family owned one that is not very big (except for the wharehouse in back) and they have their own rescue Rotti and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a couple of cats that jump on the checkout counter! lol I'm in there for such a short time that bringing in my dog would be more trouble that it's worth. ;)
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  10. JanS

    JanS DCF Owner Administrative Staff Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    That's kind of the same with me since I just run in to get dog food and stuff. They have 2 GSP's who come to work with them every day and I know Atticus has been in there a few times.
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  11. gettinggreyer

    gettinggreyer Hot Topics Subscriber

    I have worked in retail..............It is merely a liability thing. Most people don't mind.
    BUT not ALL people control their dogs.
    There are plenty of other places to socialize your dog. I never understood, except for a pet store
    and other than guide dogs, why you would bring them with. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on
    my shopping if I brought my dog. Anything could happen. I would worry about something happening out of the blue......
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  12. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    The one I was talking about above is actually where I get my horse grain and other horse needs. The dog food is right down the road at another place that I forgot does allow dogs too, but its such a small place. Buddy is like the a bull in the china store there. :wub: It's the place we had the Chiro appointment. You can sorta see in the pics how small it is. And, like you, I just run in and get food and I'm out again. Juggling a 40lb bag of food with Buddy would be :pullhair: LOL
  13. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    3rd time the same dog attacked and bit............and the owner LEFT ----I hope they sue him for all he is worth. So irresponsible and now we all pay the price for this idiot. PEOPLE must be responsible for their dogs and their behavior. Guess you can't blame Lowes for taking a hard stand after all why should they go out of business for irresponsible dog owners. This really makes me so mad knowing the level of responsibility we all MUST have and exhibit for our dogs and the face we put forward to the public. It is our responsibility to keep everyone safe. How utterly disrespectful of Lowes and the families bit by the dog.

    I go to Lowes a lot and have never seen a dog except my own. One lone rebel stupid stupid stupid

    MB it should not be a trouble if the dog is well trained. I can take mine and I get a cart and they walk right beside the cart. They are on a short leash so they can't get too far from the cart. I have never had a problem as my dogs are well trained and well behaved. They LOVE people to come pet them and I always do a little obedience demo for them. It amazes them that any dog could be trained to sit - down - stand just with a slight move of the hand. DUH
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  14. GennyB

    GennyB Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    It's becoming less and less because of things like the lawsuit the @Luca & Co mentioned.

    Because your dog loves you, doesn't mean he loves everybody;)
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  15. FredC

    FredC Guest

    I got kicked out of Menards with Kali when she was a puppy.. Their policy on the subject centered around the fact that they sold food and the FDA prohibited animals around food products.. We were not to tickled so went across the street to Lowes and spent about 1500.00 on a new refrigerator and stove. Of course that was several years ago but the experiance left a sour taste in my mouth because of the way Menards management treated us like we had scurvy or something..
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  16. shadash

    shadash Notable member

    In San Diego I used to see dogs all the time at both Lowes and Home Depot. There was usually two types of owners. The weekend warrior types that were shopping for a pretty light bulb with a dog on a regular 6ft leash. The second type of owner was a full time construction type whos dog followed them everywhere and didn't need a leash. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your pov) I haven't seen any around any more. If there was a change it's too bad for the construction type that just wants to get tools with their best friend.

    On a brighter note there's several restaurants, wine bars, and breweries around me that allow dogs. One restaurant in particular is an Irish bar at night but wanted to serve food during the day. So they started allowing dogs on the front and back patio. In roughly 6 months I'd say their business has tripled because they allow dogs and at night it's a bar so nobody brings their dog.
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  17. shadash

    shadash Notable member

    Here's likely the reason for Lowes policy change. And before you ask yes, it was one idiot that caused the change in policy...

    SAN DIEGO - The family of a little boy attacked by a dog inside a Lowe's Home Improvement store is talking for the first time - and only to Team 10.

    The boy's father tells Team 10 troubleshooter Cristin Severance that Lowe's allowed the dog inside the store and then employees wouldn't call 911 after the attack.

    The victim ended up with serious injuries to his head and face and had to have 50 stitches.

    The now 4-year-old boy was at a Lowe's Home Improvement store in Murrieta with his family on Saturday, December 28, 2013.

    Animal control officials told Team 10 that this was the third incident involving Kahn and the dog. Animal friends of the Valleys officer, Mo Middleton, said the dog nipped at a child in a Home Depot and on the street a month before the attack at Lowe's.
  18. shadash

    shadash Notable member

    Looks like an Akita btw. These are up there on the list of dogs I don't trust or like being around along with Chows, PitBulls, Malamutes, and Mastifs. There's just so many owners that are a attracted to these type of animals that have no clue how to handle them.
  19. Dobs4ever

    Dobs4ever Hot Topics Subscriber

    The problem with all the above mentioned dogs is not the breed but the owners - glad we at least understand that fact. Too many people who get these breed don't even understand you must train them. They did not care about training they just wanted a bad dog and that is exactly what they created by their lack. Most of these dogs are bought by BYB who do not care about screening prospective owners - they only care about the money and if you have the money you can buy the dog.
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  20. MyBuddy

    MyBuddy Moderator Hot Topics Subscriber

    Buddy's not the problem. The place I go for horse stuff, I'm in and out in 5 minutes. Just walk into the counter, pay for my stuff (which is usually just grain) the girl goes in the back to get it on a cart and out the door to my truck.

    The doggie boutique where I buy dog food is the worst. lol Sooooooooooo small! There are stairs going up to the door and of course it opens outward and almost knocks you off the landing. :D Then you go inside where it is again, very small. It's actually an old home made into a business. Isles only big enough for one person. When I go in to get a 40 lb bag of food, I can barely hold the bag and my purse, open the door and make it down the stairs by myself, let alone having a large dog in tow. The only time I would bring him is if I were not buying the food! lol

    Plus, you have to remember we live so far from town that we try and make as many stops as possible to make the trip worthwhile! :) Bringing the dogs means there would times they would have to remain in the truck/car and its not always possible.
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