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just noticed this post, im on the complete other side of the country so i wont be much help on this one. im Assuming your looking for an American dobe if you intend to show her. Good luck in your search. I know there are some good breeders in your area i just dont know any of them personally. and would never make a recomendation for a breeder ive never talked to personally.


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It is usually a good idea to attend a few shows in your area and see which breeder is producing the "dogs to beat". It will be cheaper in the long run to pay for the top stock in your area than to buy from someone who's dogs may not do as well. It is also good to see which breeders help out the novices and will give advice after the purchase. If they sell you a dog and then decide you are the competition it can be disheartening. Look for someone helpful after the sale. A breeder with a judges book of who likes the type dog you have can be priceless.
Also be prepared to wait not only for a litter to be born but for them to show what they have. A nine week old show prospect can be less pricey than a four month old but occasionally the nine week old just does not pan out for the really serious exhibitor. Good luck. Anne