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Lifetime Training

Firestar Dobe

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I find that a lot of owners ask me when they can stop training. My answer, no matter the breed, is never. I train every day. Not formal training so to speak, but living training. When I am relaxing in the evening watching TV, I may have my girls do doggie sit ups with a reward of a special toy or just belly rubs, or put a treat on my knee and tell them to leave it and then they get when they no longer look at it. When I am doing something in the kitchen I may have them on a long down or sit, as I am walking through the house I may have them heel, wrap or swing around. It isn't constant maybe 5 to 10 minutes an hour. When I am letting them outside, they may have to wait after the door opens for several minutes before they can leave, or even come back in. On walks I may stop them and do about turns, or make them move to the side and come to front. There are dozens of ways and things to train as you go about your day/evening. I find that the girls actually enjoy the mini living training! I strongly recommend this to everyone who trains with me and to all of my family and friends with dogs. Training should be never ending, it keeps you and your dog happy and improves life with our beloved fur babies!


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Training daily in different setting is habit with me. I use every opportunity I can to make it a fun quick training session.
When I fold laundry, Legend wants to grab the cleaning rags or towels so I have made a training game out of it.
I let him pick what needs to be folded first and I give him a treat and praise when he gives it to me.
Now he looks forward to laundry days. Lol
It’s such a simple thing but he is engaged with me and loves it.

jazzies mum

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Sudden short but intense training sessions seem to increase Jazzies pleasure on a walk. Not to mention keeping her tuned in to me. I really don't think about all those day to day little training opportunities, they just happen. Like politely downing while I am in the kitchen and we do practice the leave it with many really yummy items. I think it's just automatic after you have been through the intense puppy training stage! :rofl:


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I totally agree with all of this. When I hear someone say "I know everything there is to know and I'm perfect", I know they're selling themselves short and limiting life long lessons in life.

Oh Little Oji

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Yes, yes yes.

It's nice to see so many of us agree here. Maybe it's part of what it takes to happily and successfully have this breed of ours.

Boy, Oji's heel training is so integral to our lives – not only when I need him to not pull on leash, but when I walk him off-leash to the nearby park to let him run, and when I have him run off-leash alongside the bike.

Yes on the waiting before going through doorways. It takes a little hassle sometimes, but I have all humans go through the door before Oji. When I'm simply letting him out into the backyard, I will actually step out through the door first even though I'm not going out there. My wife sometimes does this. I tell ya', this waiting for permission to go through doorways and gateways is absolutely crucial, especially with how these Dobes consider it their business to own the situation when you reach for an exterior door of the house. Oji will stick his giraffe neck through the doorway, shoving past our legs, but not one paw. He would have bolted away from the house a hundred times by now without this doorway protocol in place.

Speaking of which, when I let him out into the backyard, or out onto the front porch when we are leaving the house, he is trained to hit and hold a sit first thing when he gets out there. It's really cool to see him do this at the various places we've taken him, like rental houses on vacations and such. Sometimes I have forgotten all about it, and Oji hits a sit after I let him out of a rental. I'm like, dude! Good boy!!

Every time I give Oji water, he sits and waits for it. Every time I give him food, he holds a stay while I go down to the basement and get it for him.

Training, obedience – AKA life.