Keeping cool with the Hurtta Cooling Coat


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She's even on their Facebook page! And used in a few different ads. So Paige left a nice message. Honestly, I don't mind if people use it, if they ask. That's what Katja did. But the fact I don't know them AND it was used without my permission to profit off of. C'mon, do your own dang work for your own business, people. Paige is still with me and so is the coat !

Screenshot_20200711-223544.png Screenshot_20200711-223925.png 00100trPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20200711221827496_COVER.jpg

Edit; well that was fast. They already removed some of them but I found more so Paige will be helping point those out. Go Paige :D


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They should of done the decent thing and asked you, it’s really not that hard but to use the images and profit from them without your say :nono:

Have you received a personal apology, @Rits?

Paige will sort them out :D


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Wow that’s pretty bad that they didn’t ask permission to begin with, but to also not compensate you after the fact? They could have given you the option to get free products from them if they didn’t want to pay actual money, and that would have been an easy way to save face seeing as how you posted this on Fb. Missed opportunity for them.